Get Out, Get Noticed, Get A LIfe

Written by David Stoddard

“If you build it, they will come.” -repparttar voice in “Field Of Dreams” -

Works well inrepparttar 123980 movies, but in real life, it just doesn’t quite work out that way.

Business owners know it. They understand that once they build their shop, they need to advertise, tell all their friends, give out free stuff, go door to door with mailers, stick more of them on car windshields in parking lots, and even make crummy commercials on late night television just to getrepparttar 123981 word out.

Job seekers know it. They understand that when they want a change or need a new job, they need to advertise, tell all their friends send out samples of their work, write uprepparttar 123982 dreaded resume and cover letter to each possible HR department and even volunteer as an intern in hopes of getting a “real job” once that time is over.

But forget about our professional lives, what about our lives at home? We sit at home at times wishing for someone to come on by and offer us a life of our dreams. Whenrepparttar 123983 doorbell rings, too often it has been someone coming by only for our vote or for us to give them a dollar to help their school.

Because it has been of no real benefit to us inrepparttar 123984 past, we sometimes stop rushing torepparttar 123985 door every time it rings (or when opportunity knocks). In a related way, maybe we are so wrapped up in our life rut that we just don’t haverepparttar 123986 energy (physical, but mainly mental) to do anything about it.

‘Ya see, I would do more, but Survivor #4 is on tonight. It is supposed to haverepparttar 123987 immunity challenge to end all immunity challenges. So, ya see, I have to watch for that. Then comesrepparttar 123988 tribal counsel, then someone leaves, then it is time for something else to watch.’

Truth be told, our happiness in our personal lives works somewhatrepparttar 123989 same as for a business or when looking for a job. We must createrepparttar 123990 image in our minds that we are capable of being more than we are. We must know what it is we want out of whatever it is we do. We must build ourselves up by doing something. We must look around for opportunities and at least get a bit of information from them.

The Vision to Prevail in an Economic Slowdown - Peripheral That Is

Written by Jim McCormick

It's Spring. It's warming. Inrepparttar last few weeks,repparttar 123979 temperature at jump altitude has moderated. The blast of air as we roll uprepparttar 123980 door onrepparttar 123981 skydiving plane at 15,000 feet is no longer frigid. Two days ago, it was even a relatively moderate 42 degrees (F).

We're no longer likely to feelrepparttar 123982 sting of ice crystals on our faces as we fall through a thin layer of frozen moisture. Jumpers are starting to leave their heavy, winter layers onrepparttar 123983 ground. Under canopy, it's mild. The time between freefall and landing is becoming more playful - to be enjoyed and not just tolerated.

From 1,000 feet inrepparttar 123984 air, you can start to notice a swath of orange and yellow emerging from withinrepparttar 123985 fields of green. The wildflower seeds have weathered another winter. They are sending forth their glorious reminder of Spring, of another winter past.

Even inrepparttar 123986 midst ofrepparttar 123987 adrenaline soaked sport of skydiving, while hurling ourselves from aircraft miles aboverepparttar 123988 ground, while clamoring to arrest our freefall and save our lives, there isrepparttar 123989 opportunity to cherishrepparttar 123990 reminders ofrepparttar 123991 coming of Spring andrepparttar 123992 hope it brings with it.

Few things focus ones attention better thanrepparttar 123993 challenge of surviving a skydive. There is a joyous clarity of purpose in freefall. The balance of life's issues melt away.

Butrepparttar 123994 single-mindedness that is required to survive a jump can also assure thatrepparttar 123995 experience is nothing more than survived. It can take an extraordinary experience, one most people will never know,repparttar 123996 closest a person can come to joining birds in flight and make it into a exercise of survival. But if we are willing to maintain our peripheral vision inrepparttar 123997 face of this life threatening challenge, a willingness to be more aware, it can be an adventure ofrepparttar 123998 senses. It is our choice. It always is.

And this is much like weathering an economic slowdown. You will likely survive by keeping an absolute focus on surviving, or you can take advantage of opportunities by maintaining your peripheral vision.

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