Get More Out Of Life While Managing Your Diabetes

Written by Brandon C. Hall

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes atrepparttar age of 21, I had not givenrepparttar 150472 first thought to living a healthy diabetic lifestyle. As far as I was concerned, a healthy lifestyle was reserved only for fitness junkies and overweight moms.

I didn't know squat aboutrepparttar 150473 benefits and overall happiness a healthy lifestyle would lead to. I was perfectly content eating frozen pizza, smoking cigarettes, and binge drinking on a regular basis. After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had a lengthy discussion with my doctor that resulted in an epiphany, "Everything I love is killing me!"

First, we'll define what I mean by healthy lifestyle. When I askedrepparttar 150474 question, "What is a healthy lifestyle?repparttar 150475 common answer seemed to be, "Don't smoke, don't drink, eat only vegetables and protein, and make sure to exercise every day."

My first thought was, "You can give that crap right back torepparttar 150476 birds." I was 21, loved to party, and absolutely chock full of testosterone.

The ideas, practices, and benefits a healthy lifestyle provided sounded great for managing my diabetes, but I sure didn't likerepparttar 150477 idea of my social life falling offrepparttar 150478 face ofrepparttar 150479 planet. Believing inrepparttar 150480 power of moderation, I made some compromises with my disease:

1. Smoking

I quit smoking cigarettes and only smoked cigars on special occasions such as bachelor parties, Super Bowls, orrepparttar 150481 birth of my first child. That last part was a joke. After many years of searching, special occasions arerepparttar 150482 only reason I can find to put nicotine or smoke of any kind in your body.

2. Drinking

For me, this was a big one. I'm not reallyrepparttar 150483 type of guy that likes to meet girls at church, and school was not really an option for me, but drinking was all my friends and I did. As a result, drinking alcohol (sadly enough) was a major component of my social life. From that day forward, I laid down some basic rules.

Natural Insulin for Diabetes

Written by Ratliff J

Early symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, sores that heal slowly, tingling inrepparttar feet, irritability and blurred vision. Ignoringrepparttar 150420 symptoms of diabetes is dangerous to both life and limb. This isn't one those old, meaningless expressions. Untreated diabetics have sometimes needed to have their feet or legs amputated. And all too many diabetics who kept putting off taking action, or have lived where no treatment was available, have died. Other dangers include strokes and kidney disease. Because diabetes is easier to controlrepparttar 150421 sooner it's detected, you should take prompt action if you have any of these symptoms.

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