Get More By Offering Seller Financing

Written by Steve Gillman

An example of seller financing: Years ago I bought a rental property, and nine months later sold it for 15% more, without fixing or improving a thing. The easy terms are what sold it. I took $1000 down, and I still get a payment every month, with 9% interest.

Four Reasons To Offer Seller Financing

1. To get a higher price. As you can see fromrepparttar example above, buyers pay for easy terms. Fromrepparttar 146835 buyers perspective, he gets a place for almost nothing, thatrepparttar 146836 renters will pay for. He comes out okay even if he later sold it for less than he bought it for.

2. To get a decent return on your money. The 9% I'm getting is nice, butrepparttar 146837 true return was much higher, since I also soldrepparttar 146838 property for 15% more than I paid, and I get 9% onrepparttar 146839 entire balance. In fact, for a great return withoutrepparttar 146840 headaches of being a landlord, you can simply buy low for cash and sell high with terms.

Credit where it's due

Written by Gordon Rant

Over recent years, many people have been happy to take on more and more credit. Mortgages, credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, store cards, store deferred payment schemes, mail order and hire purchaserepparttar list goes on. Credit cards have been especially significant. The size ofrepparttar 146803 market has increased. Previously, whenrepparttar 146804 Consumer Credit Act came into existence, Barclaycard was only credit card issuer. Now there are up to 1400 different cards available. However,repparttar 146805 big five banks still own over 65 per cent ofrepparttar 146806 market share. The personal loan market has also increased.

Research from various organisations has shown that consumers have difficulty shopping around and understanding credit. A government research paper in 2003 found 56 per cent of consumers do not understandrepparttar 146807 terms of credit agreements; 77 per cent findrepparttar 146808 language of advertising confusing; 62 per cent are not aware that many banks charge a fee if they wish to pay off their loan early.

The government is inrepparttar 146809 process of reviewingrepparttar 146810 30-year old laws relating to consumer credit. The review ofrepparttar 146811 consumer credit law is intended to strengthenrepparttar 146812 protection of consumers and create a fairer, more competitive credit market. This review process inrepparttar 146813 UK is being done in parallel with a similar process in Europe forrepparttar 146814 Consumer Credit Directive.

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