Get Maximum Impact With Your Yellow Pages Ad!

Written by Steve Yankee

The Yellow Pages are a terrific medium because of one simple reason: they are a directive medium, as opposed to a creative medium, such as a newspaper ad or tv spot. In other words, people use them when they’re ready to buy.

Which means you can(and should)load up your ad with everything you want to say about your capabilities and services --and people will read literally EVERY word. Because forrepparttar most part, they've already decided to buy, and your Yellow Pages ad is your best possible opportunity to get them to call you so you can CLOSErepparttar 100954 sale!

What should go into your ad -the RASCIL factors...

People are influenced in their Yellow Pages calling (and buying) decisions by several factors:

-Reliability -Authorization -Security -Completeness of Service -Illustrations -Location

Let's take each point, one at a time, starting with RELIABILITY. Key phrases you should use in your ad include: * Your XX years of experience * Are you a member of a professional association? Say so. * Satisfaction guaranteed or any other guarantees you offer

AUTHORIZATION * Authorized sales/service for name brand manufacturers? Say so.

SECURITY * Do you store goods in a safe? * Are you insured, bonded? * Is your work done on-premises?

COMPLETENESS OF SERVICE * Do you haverepparttar 100955 latest and best equipment * Do you offer multiple lines of goods for best selection? * Free pickup and delivery? * Free estimates and initial consultation? * List your hours.("Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 5:30" or whatever. Be accessible!) * Allrepparttar 100956 services you provide * Your phone number. This should berepparttar 100957 largest component in your ad.

Make your Advertising Profitable

Written by Will Dylan

Most small businesses operate with very small advertising budgets. It is critical torepparttar success of any business to ensure that their advertising dollars deliver as much value as possible torepparttar 100953 bottom line. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure you getrepparttar 100954 most bang for your advertising buck:

Target your Advertising – Ideally, every ad that you place would be seen only by potential customers for your business. In reality, you won’t find very many advertising opportunities that deliver such a utopian business proposition. The real key is to locate advertising opportunities that will target your potential customers as closely as possible. When evaluating every advertising offer, ask yourself “How closely will this hit my target audience? Could I do better?”. If you are advertising your new website that offers a new vitamin supplement for dogs, advertising on a pet website would not be as advantageous as a dog related website. A website onrepparttar 100955 topic of dog food and nutrition would be even more targeted, as almost 100% ofrepparttar 100956 visitors to that site would have some interest in dog food and nutrition That’s exactlyrepparttar 100957 audience you are looking for.

Vary Your Offers – Remember that your well-defined audience is comprised of certain groups, each with its own reason to buy your product. Onrepparttar 100958 dog food and nutrition website, you may encounter breeders, veterinarians, family pet owners, and breeders. They all wantrepparttar 100959 same thing (a healthy happy dog) but for different reasons. The breeders wants their prized stud to live a long life and have lots of puppies whilerepparttar 100960 veterinarians are interested in offeringrepparttar 100961 best possible advice on nutrition to their clients, and so on. When you are composing your ad copy, keep these different groups in mind, Write an ad that speaks to each of their buying motivations and rotate your ads to ensure you cover allrepparttar 100962 potential buyers for your product.

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