Get MAD!

Written by Bob Davies

Everyone falls somewhere from 0 to 100 in terms of their commitments to their health, business and personal lives. Letís look at this from a business standpoint. What type of a person would have a low level commitment torepparttar results that they achieve?

Many times, this is a second income producer. This person has a spouse who brings in a great income. They have school children who come home from school at 3:00 pm. They are not going to be out doing presentations, sales calls, etc. after 3:00 pm. They are not going to work evenings or weekends. These people basically want something to do, a place to go, and people to complain with.

Now letís look at someone with a very high level of commitment to repparttar 126357 results that they get in their business. The profile of this person might look like this- a single income producer who has a very high overhead. This person has two children going to college. They suffer from whatís called mal-tuition! This person has a mortgage payment, health insurance payments, and car payments. They must make several thousand dollars a month just to pay their bills. They see a totally different world thanrepparttar 126358 low committed person. They will come in early, work late, work weekends, and do whatever it takes to be as successful as they can.

Now, if you are like me and I know I am, we will have a tendency to comparerepparttar 126359 two and to judge thatrepparttar 126360 high commitment is good andrepparttar 126361 low commitment is bad. Having a low or high commitment level in a personsí health, business or personal life is not good or bad. Each person has their own unique set of circumstances and motivational levels that determine what they commit to.

Here is my definition of elite performance. See if you can agree. I would call you an elite performer if met this criteria: Regardless of how high or how low your commitment level is, if you do what you said you would do, and if you achieve reasonable results for your efforts, then I would call you an elite performer!

Letís applyrepparttar 126362 above definition. Under those criteria, can a low committed person be considered to be an elite performer? The answer is yes! However, we need to give up a traditional American management myth of evaluation by ranking. Ranking is not relevant. Ranking doesnít tell yourepparttar 126363 entire story. All ranking shows is that one person did more than another. Ranking doesnít take into account motivational levels, commitment levels or personal circumstances.

Several years ago I wasrepparttar 126364 keynote speaker for RE/MAX Real Estate of Canada,repparttar 126365 number one real estate company inrepparttar 126366 country. Prior to my presentation, they honoredrepparttar 126367 top sales person inrepparttar 126368 entire company who had 16 million in sales whenrepparttar 126369 average production was 1 million.

That is not why I would have brought that person on stage. I would have recognized and honored that person not because they did more than anyone else. I would have honored that person if their goal was 16 million and they did 16 million. Likewise, I would have also brought up torepparttar 126370 stagerepparttar 126371 part time housewife, single parent with two school age children, who had a goal of 3 million and did 3 million. I would have honored her withrepparttar 126372 same level of recognition as repparttar 126373 16 million producer because Iím not comparing individuals, but rather honoring a code. The code is I do what I said I would do!

Now, here is a statistic related to that. Only 2% ofrepparttar 126374 population is actually making a plan and then having it turn outrepparttar 126375 way that they planned. Their circumstances, priorities, interruptions, and distractions, basically, repparttar 126376 realities of their lives, pull most ofrepparttar 126377 population away.

What aboutrepparttar 126378 top 2%. They have circumstances and distractions as well. They also have focus. They handle all of their priorities, interruptions, etc. and still do what they said they would do.

Whatís different about this 2%? I wanted elite performance. I wantedrepparttar 126379 life of my dreams. I wanted to be in love, to be healthy and to be wealthy. I wanted to be a 2% person. Before I made a commitment to be in that top 2%, I wanted to make sure that I wasnít just chasing some type of a pipe dream.

I asked myself this question. Is there anything different about that 2% that I canít control? Are they more intelligent? Are they more motivated? Do they work harder? Are they more educated? Are they more talented?

The answer is a resounding NO! Calvin Coolage is famous for saying that education alone is notrepparttar 126380 difference. The world is full of educated derelicts! Talent isnítrepparttar 126381 difference. There are many very talented people who are very unsuccessful.

Then what isrepparttar 126382 difference?

The behavioral researchers all agree thatrepparttar 126383 only difference, repparttar 126384 major difference ofrepparttar 126385 elite performers and everyone else is one word, ATTITUDE

I didnít believe this when I first heard it. I kept thinking, donít give me this Polly Anna positive thinking stuff. Youíre telling me thatrepparttar 126386 only difference betweenrepparttar 126387 elite performers and everyone else isrepparttar 126388 way that they think! I didnít buy it!

Here is a question that will tell you whether you believe this or not. Imagine you were to lose all of your possessions. Do you believe that you would get them all back over time? If you said yes, ask yourself how do you know and notice your response.

How Peeling An Orange Could Make You A Fortune

Written by Jeff McCall

The technique I'm going to explain in this article may be considered pretty radical by some. But before you decide I've gone torepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 126356 garden to visitrepparttar 126357 fairies, please hear me out.

Sport Psychology has become extremely important inrepparttar 126358 sporting world. But don't be misled into thinking that this is only something that's of interest to sports men and women. There are many aspects to sport psychology, and I believe some can assist evenrepparttar 126359 humble online entrepreneur to achieve massive success. The most useful I've found isrepparttar 126360 idea of 'visualisation'.

The human brain is a complex organ that's capable of many tremendous feats, but it can also be fooled. In particular,repparttar 126361 brain can't tellrepparttar 126362 difference between reality and something that's vividly imagined. To demonstrate what I mean, tryrepparttar 126363 following simple experiment for yourself:

Close your eyes and imagine you're holding a large juicy ripe orange. Now imagine yourself starting to peel that orange. Imaginerepparttar 126364 thin spray of juice fromrepparttar 126365 peel as you insert a thumbnail. Imaginerepparttar 126366 sharp fresh aroma of orange that fillsrepparttar 126367 air as you pull sections of peel fromrepparttar 126368 soft juicy flesh. Now imaginerepparttar 126369 sticky juice running down your fingers as you pull away one ofrepparttar 126370 moist orange segments, andrepparttar 126371 sharp sweet taste exploding on your tongue as you take your first bite.

If you've been able to vividly imagine these things taking place, then you'll almost certainly find yourself salivating wildly. I know I am, and that's just by writing this passage!

Your brain's reaction has been no different than if you'd actually peeled that orange. It's been unable to distinguish this as just your imagination, and has reacted by sending a signal to your saliva glands to expect something delicious. Now this example may have nothing to do with your business, but it ably demonstrates my point.

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