Get Listed in Yahoo Becomes Easy

Written by King Lui

Get listed in Yahoo directory is very important in web site promotion because traffic of Yahoo directory is ranked as No.1. If your site is listed in Yahoo, you are likely to get decent traffic from it. Many webmasters found that it is extremely difficult to get listed in Yahoo. Granted! It is not impossible but really quite difficult. You need to spend effort on Yahoo submission, let me sharerepparttar following tips with you:


If your site is a business site, prepare to pay Yahoo US$199 (Business Express Service). It is officially announced that there is no free lunch for business sites anymore. The price guarantees that your web site will be reviewed within 7 days. As Yahoo needs to maintain a high quality directory, it cannot promise that your site will be included after a review. For non-business site, you can still submit to Yahoo for zero cost. However, Yahoo does not guarantee to review your site.

For adult site, you need to pay US$600 before Yahooˇ¦s editors will visit your site.

In general, submit to Yahoo requires money. To avoid wasting your money, you need to well prepare your site before submission.


In your web site,

1. Your official business name should be clearly visible. Yahoo is likely to take it as your site title.

2. There are no broken links and no under construction areas exist.

3. Your site must be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If your web host is unreliable, it means you must switch your web hosting company.

4. If you are selling products, you must ensure that you can accept credit card payment on-line in a secure channel. More favorably, you accept multiple payment methods.

5. Ensure that your business address is available at your web site. Preferably, it should be found somewhere at your homepage. At least, you should add a page called about us or contact us and provide your business address in this page.

6. Ensure that your web site functions properly in different browsers, at least,repparttar 128201 latest version of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

7. Your site should be loaded fast. Of course,repparttar 128202 meaning of ˇ§fastˇ¨is subjective. If your site can be completely loaded within 6 ˇV 8 seconds, it should be no problem.

How to rank top on AltaVista

Written by Kevin Hickey

AltaVista recently added a section titled " how AltaVista works". This is a very useful resource and everyone with an interest in obtaining a high ranking on AltaVista should read it carefully. You can find it at

Here isrepparttar most important new information they provide in this useful guide:

1) Keywords are only counted twice, so it is very important to haverepparttar 128200 most important keywords inrepparttar 128201 places where they get yourepparttar 128202 most "points". These arerepparttar 128203 title andrepparttar 128204

tags. To findrepparttar 128205 best keyword strings userepparttar 128206 "search term suggestion" at, at

2) Keywords inrepparttar 128207 title tag get yourepparttar 128208 most points, andrepparttar 128209 start ofrepparttar 128210 title scores highest.

3) Keywords inrepparttar 128211 "first lines of text" are also very important. The

tag may get you more points than text.

4) The Metatag "keywords" is not as important to ranking asrepparttar 128212 first lines of text. Hence keywords found here could lower your score if they are also inrepparttar 128213 first lines of text.

5) Links from other relevant sites are very important, this is called "link popularity". The more distinct domainsrepparttar 128214 better. Also "good" sites score more highly. So if you can not explain why a site ranks above you whenrepparttar 128215 keyword is not in their title, check who links to them ( using You will most likely find lots of links from top sites like Yahoo, MSN, Excite etc., or a very large number of links from other sites.

6) Rare words score more than common words. To quote AV -

"If someone searches for fruit and pomegranates, pages withrepparttar 128216 word pomegranates will appear atrepparttar 128217 top ofrepparttar 128218 list (a technique known as "inverse document frequency")."

7) AV goes to some lengths to explain that they are not a "database", and they store allrepparttar 128219 words onrepparttar 128220 page in order to preserve "phrases". So if you search for " search engine placement" you will get sites withrepparttar 128221 string "search engine placement" listed first, and not sites withrepparttar 128222 same words in a different order. For example try a search for "placement engine search", and compare torepparttar 128223 results for "search engine placement"

8) Pages at a high level rank higher than pages buried deep intorepparttar 128224 site, so index.htm ranks highest. It is worth registering more domains and using them as "doorway sites". Link these sites back to your main site to get extra "link popularity".

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