Get Information in your home - Ambient Orb

Written by Andrew Hall

If you're anything like me, when you first wake up inrepparttar morning, eventually battle withrepparttar 105116 stuggle of getting up and prise open your eyelids, You need to startrepparttar 105117 day. When your brain kicks in, you start thinking aboutrepparttar 105118 weather, what's onrepparttar 105119 news which will berepparttar 105120 hot topic inrepparttar 105121 office today, have I got any emails and so much more.

So you walk torepparttar 105122 kitchen and you grab yourself a coffee,repparttar 105123 probably turnrepparttar 105124 TV on for your daily burst of news or weather andrepparttar 105125 computer on to check if any of your friends have sent you pictures of their new dog. Today,repparttar 105126 weather is warm and cloudy, so when you can finally manage to get dressed, you decide on a shirt and jeans. There's a bit of news, your team won last night - that's whatrepparttar 105127 office will be talking about. And you have an email from your Aunt Jemima with some pictures of her hoiday.

Now, imagine for one second, Imagine you didn't need to turnrepparttar 105128 TV on to checkrepparttar 105129 weather. Imagine you could open your eyes and when you walked intorepparttar 105130 kitchen you get your much needed caffiene and you could instantly know whatrepparttar 105131 weather's like and what clothes you need to wear.

Imagine if you didnt need to turn onrepparttar 105132 TV to find out if there was news on your team, your local area or any other thing. You could walk through your house knowing that your team won last night.

Imagine if you didnt need to turn on your computer to see if you have an emails, you could instantly know whether you have any emails, even before you turn that PC on!

Setting Parameters at Work to Enable Achievement of Your Goals

Written by Susan Edwards

At one time or another, most of us have experienced a loss of momentum in achievingrepparttar goals we set. This particularly seems to be true when we resolve to take better care of ourselves or spend more time with family and friends. Work often seems to relegate such goals torepparttar 105115 back burner.

Ironically, I have observed that when my coaching clients set clear parameters at work to enable them to achieve what they perceive to be personal goals, there is a profoundly positive impact on their focus, productivity and satisfaction at work.

One leader whom I coach (we’ll call her Kelly) has recently achieved fantastic improvements in her clarity and effectiveness at work. She started by simply making one small personal commitment. Kelly decided that one day a week she would commit to taking her daughter to an after-school activity that was very important to her. She began to structure her work day in such a way that she would be set-up for success in meeting this commitment. Being someone who is highly responsible to others, this led to keeping commitments to finish initiatives at work in time to leaverepparttar 105116 office. She found herself working in a more focused way. She was energized by knowing that she would be meeting a commitment to her family, instead of wasting energy worrying about whether she should stay at work or attendrepparttar 105117 after-school activity. For one day each week,repparttar 105118 decision had already been made. This becamerepparttar 105119 parameter and work simply had to fit in torepparttar 105120 time allotted for that one day a week.

Interestingly enough,repparttar 105121 effect of this one small personal commitment rapidly began to spread.

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