Get Information First Before Sending Them to the Affiliate

Written by Catherine Franz

Honestly, Iím not a big affiliate fan because inrepparttar past I havenít gotten 90% ofrepparttar 102415 money promised either because they disappear before they pay out or they have so many exceptions -- paying out once a quarter, has to be over X dollars first, etc. Another negative side is that some of them think that 10% commission or some low amount is worthrepparttar 102416 20 hours it takes for us to sell it. Usuallyrepparttar 102417 10% equal $10 and $10 isnít worth my reputation even $1000 actually.

Todayís article is not aboutrepparttar 102418 pros and cons of being an affiliate member. There are some good affiliate programs out there where you will get a check, their exceptions are small or nil, andrepparttar 102419 commission reasonable forrepparttar 102420 amount of time, risk, and reputation you place onrepparttar 102421 line for their product or program.

This article focuses on collecting their information before you give themrepparttar 102422 affiliate link so you can increase your mailing list numbers or residual income.

Almost all affiliate referrals are handled by providing someone withrepparttar 102423 affiliate link. The reader then goes from your place to their place. If this is what you have been doing, takerepparttar 102424 "L" (for loser) off your forehead, and read this to "get SMART quick."

Stop LOOSING a valuable marketing opportunity -- and stop it now!

Instead, set up a bridge page (also called a portal page or doorway page). Userepparttar 102425 terms bridge and portal instead sincerepparttar 102426 word doorway has a separate search engine meaning that can be confusing.

A bridge page works simply like this. You set up a bridge page on your web site. You send them to this page instead of torepparttar 102427 affiliate site, collect their information, and THEN send them torepparttar 102428 affiliate site.

The objective is to offer them something for f/r/e/e that they must register for on that bridge page so you collect their information. In fact, you can offer several things.

You set up two pages actually. One that isrepparttar 102429 bridge page andrepparttar 102430 other a thank you page. After you collect their information THEN you send them torepparttar 102431 thank you page. Onrepparttar 102432 thank you page, you thank them for whatever it is they did and then give them an option to NOW accessrepparttar 102433 affiliate site.

How To Choose Your Upline

Written by Uche Onyema

Statistics say 95% of Internet Marketers donít make any money

online. This sad failure rate will probably not improve inrepparttar near

future either because so many newbies, and old hands, are being

left without enough support from their upline or sponsors.

There are many sponsors, especiallyrepparttar 102414 very successful ones,

who donít even bother replying emails from their downline. This

is a very worrying trend and it violates a very important principle

of network marketing which says that success comes by helping

others succeed. So how come some heavy hitters are successful

without helpingrepparttar 102415 struggling members in their downline? Well,

it has been made possible byrepparttar 102416 internet andrepparttar 102417 enormous 24

hour global market it makes accessible, coupled withrepparttar 102418 vast

number of automated marketing tools.

Unlikerepparttar 102419 traditional offline network marketing where it was

practically impossible to sponsor someone into a downline

without meeting or speaking with them,repparttar 102420 internet has made it

possible for heavy hitters to sponsor hundreds, and even

thousands of people, into their downlines without ever

communicating with them on a personal level.

Autoresponders arerepparttar 102421 order ofrepparttar 102422 day. Many people join

affiliate programs after seeing ads in google, ezines, classifieds etc

without first exchanging emails withrepparttar 102423 sponsor. After paying

their monthly subscriptions, part of whichrepparttar 102424 sponsors earns as

commission, for a few months they give up because they have little

or no success and probably never received an email or a call from

their sponsor. Of courserepparttar 102425 heavy hitting sponsor does not care

much about this because he or she has already earned good

commissions before they quit and can quickly replace them using

their huge automated marketing system working 24-7 to recruit more


It is time internet marketers who have experienced this inrepparttar 102426 past

took their destinies into their hands and choose their upline or

sponsors instead ofrepparttar 102427 other way round. How can I do that, I hear

you ask? Well, by demanding value for your money. Thatís right,

your upline earns a commission out of your monthly subscriptions

so it is your right to receive good service in return. In this caserepparttar 102428

service includes training, mentoring and answering your emails. It

is a great idea to receive and evaluaterepparttar 102429 service first before

paying and that is where free to join affiliate programs are very


How many of us will go into a restaurant, pay forrepparttar 102430 food first

and then walk out after waiting for about an hour forrepparttar 102431 food to

arrive. I dare say no one will and I believe we should see internet

marketing programs inrepparttar 102432 same way as we do a restaurant.

Receiverepparttar 102433 service, evaluate it, if you are happy with it then pay

for it otherwise complain and if possible have your bill waived.

So if you are in an affiliate program and you don't receive sufficient

help from your sponsor complain torepparttar 102434 company and ask to be

reassigned. Stop paying your sponsors for a service you never

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