Get High Commissions from your Affiliate Programs!

Written by David McKenzie

A good way to tell ifrepparttar affiliate program you belong to is serious about their affiliate program commissions isrepparttar 102576 percentage they are paying you. If someone is offering you 10% commission, and they are keepingrepparttar 102577 rest, then you need to ask yourself "Should I really be in this affiliate program?".

One affiliate program I have joined pays out 45% commission to their affiliates and another 10% torepparttar 102578 2nd tier. That’s 55%! They only keep 45% and it’s from this that they take their costs. Either they’ve gone completely mad or they are very smart! I suspect they are very smart.

By paying such high affiliate program commissions they are attracting many affiliates to their programs. This means they can sell a higher volume. With a higher volume of sales they can afford to give away such a high commission.

How To Sell Through Other Peoples' Articles

Written by David McKenzie

When you join a high quality affiliate programrepparttar affiliate program operator will provide you with many different promotional tools.

As well as traditional banners, these might include text links, ezine ads, interactive banners, buttons, sig files and others. Sometimes they will even give you their own articles.

The best thing about using THEIR articles is that you can have an affiliate link inrepparttar 102575 resource box atrepparttar 102576 end ofrepparttar 102577 article.

A smart way to userepparttar 102578 affiliate link inrepparttar 102579 resource box is to “hide” your affiliate link code.

How do you do this?

There are 2 ways to do this,repparttar 102580 2nd way being more advanced.

(Note: The example usesrepparttar 102581 current information fromrepparttar 102582 affiliate program)

These 2 examples assume thatrepparttar 102583 affiliate program operator has not put your affiliate code in place.

1. Partially hidden affiliate link

For this affiliate program you would replace “xxxxx” with your own affiliate link code.

What this link will now show is on your web page ANDrepparttar 102584 affiliate link ‘behind it’. You cannot seerepparttar 102585 affiliate link directly but place your mouse over it and it will show up. This is a partially hidden affiliate link.

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