Get Familiar With MSDOS.SYS

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Msdos.sys was one ofrepparttar 107840 three files (along with io.sys and that DOS 6 and earlier versions was composed of. It was a binary file that created a disk buffer and file control block for service routines, and performed hardware initialization. Beginning with Windows 95, msdos.sys was combined into io.sys andrepparttar 107841 new msdos.sys became a text editable configuration file.

Msdos.sys is a hidden system file located inrepparttar 107842 root of your boot drive. To view hidden files, in Explorer's "View" menu select "Folder Options". Inrepparttar 107843 "Folder Options" dialog box click onrepparttar 107844 "View" tab and under "Hidden Files" check "Show all files". You may want to make a backup copy of msdos.sys named msdos.sys.bak before you make any changes torepparttar 107845 file.

There are three sections to msdos.sys. The [Paths] section tells Windows where to findrepparttar 107846 necessary startup files. The WinDir= entry containsrepparttar 107847 path torepparttar 107848 folder containingrepparttar 107849 operating system. The WinBootDir= entry containsrepparttar 107850 path torepparttar 107851 boot folder. The WinBootDrv= entry containsrepparttar 107852 letter ofrepparttar 107853 boot drive. You shouldn't make any changes to this section.

The [Options] section is used to configure startup settings. The last section ofrepparttar 107854 file is filler to make surerepparttar 107855 file is at least 1,024 characters long. Before you can editrepparttar 107856 msdos.sys file you need to right-click onrepparttar 107857 file name and inrepparttar 107858 "Properties" dialog box that appears, uncheckrepparttar 107859 Read-only attributes check box.

The [Options] section can contain up to 16 entries. The default msdos.sys usually contains only five entries. You can edit these settings in Notepad for purposes of debugging or just to make it start faster. Below is a list of some useful entries.

AutoScan - Controls whether Windows runs ScanDisk after an improper shutdown. If you have a large hard disk, ScanDisk can take a long time. You may want to prevent it from running automatically. Setting AutoScan=0 prevents ScanDisk from running automatically.

BootGUI - Controls whether your system starts in Windows mode or DOS 7 mode. Setting BootGUI=0 causes it to start in DOS mode. (Note: Windows Me does not support booting in DOS mode, so this will have no effect.)

BootKeys - Controls whether Windows will recognize keys pressed during startup. You might want to press F8 or Ctrl during startup to displayrepparttar 107860 Startup Menu. However, if you want to keep unauthorized people from bypassing your logon, you should set BootKeys=0 to ignore keys presses during startup.

Importance of Backups

Written by Grant McNamara

A backup isrepparttar term used to describe copying files from your computer's hard drive to another medium such as a tape or compact disk. The resulting backup can then be stored somewhere away fromrepparttar 107837 computer. We should do this periodically in case our original files are lost in some way. The most common causes of files being lost include theft of computers, accidental errors we make, and hardware faults.

I was reminded ofrepparttar 107838 need for backups earlier this week through a conversation with a friend. He runs a small computer shop and repair business. Whilst I was there a customer came in and left a nicely wrapped bottle of wine and said a hearty 'thanks', then left. My curiosity piqued I asked why their customer was so greatful. It turned out thatrepparttar 107839 previous week something had gone wrong with his computer's hard disk and he had brought it in for repair. Howeverrepparttar 107840 owner had no backup, and was terribly worried that he had lost all his data. The shop staff managed to correctrepparttar 107841 fault and 'save' his data; hence his relief and appreciation. My friend then told me that it was a daily occurence, and showed me some ofrepparttar 107842 numerous gifts people had given in thanks.

But for many people their experience wasn't as fortunate. Sadly for many people who have hard disk faults, unless they have a backup all of their files are lost.

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