Get Down and Get Dirty.The Technical changes to the Irish Driving Test

Written by Robin Piggott

The latest round of changes torepparttar Irish Driving Test were implemented on, Feb.14th 2005, as part of a chain of E.U.Directives.

Test Candidates are now required to have a basic level of mechanical knowledge, which any good professional School of Motoring would have been teaching from day one in any event.

The car of today is a very different beast compared with its grandparents and any driver, young or old, should have a range of skills that enable them to identify problems and takerepparttar 148934 necessary remedial action.

The Driving Examiner will select three questions at random from a list of technical aspects which will include openingrepparttar 148935 bonnet. While it is not exactly space technology,repparttar 148936 ability to identify this range of equipment and to describe how individual checks would be performed, does require some thought and a little practise. Some ofrepparttar 148937 equipment will have accompanying warning lights onrepparttar 148938 instrument panel some does not, so some ofrepparttar 148939 requirements will already be known (hopefully!)

Candidates will be asked to explain how they would perform checks on three out ofrepparttar 148940 following list:- Engine Oil: Coolant: Steering: Brakes: Horn: Indicators: Lights: Tyres: Reflectors: Windscreen washer.

The underrepparttar 148941 Bonnet checks relate to:-Power Steering Fluid; Brake Fluid; Engine Oil; Engine Coolant; and Windscreen washer Fluid. In a newer car all of these pieces of equipment are easily identifiable by coloured tops torepparttar 148942 various reservoirs, which have an easily recognisable icon painted or etched into them. The location of these five essential items does vary a little from model to model so if you have changed your car inrepparttar 148943 lead up torepparttar 148944 Driving Test then spend a few minutes double checking.

Inrepparttar 148945 event of very bad weather (rarely a feature ofrepparttar 148946 Irish climate) it is unlikely thatrepparttar 148947 Examiner will ask forrepparttar 148948 bonnet to be opened but since he or she has already spent time outsiderepparttar 148949 car, checking brake lights and indicators and paperwork, it’s not impossible. If he or she is a fisherman or a boating enthusiast then a few drops of rain will be water off a duck’s back. Just keep an eye onrepparttar 148950 weather and ensure that your heater or demist controls are pre-set .Two persons inrepparttar 148951 car during rainy weather will mist uprepparttar 148952 windows extremely quickly andrepparttar 148953 candidate needs to be equally deft withrepparttar 148954 controls.

Girls Like Them Fast And Furious Too!

Written by Sue DeFiore

While today we have women racing in Indy, NASCAR and a variety of different racing venues, years ago this wasn’trepparttar case.

In fact, duringrepparttar 148857 era I grew up in women were looked upon in a very different light. If you deviated fromrepparttar 148858 norm you were labeled as a “tomboy”. However, there were many, like myself who loved to drive, work on cars and got a lot of satisfaction in doing so. Just because we did however, didn’t mean we weren’t women, girls, ladies, whatever you wish to be called.

Many of us so called “tomboys” wererepparttar 148859 product of being first born girls with dads who wantedrepparttar 148860 prodigal son first, but got a daughter instead. My dad and I watched sports together, baseball, football, basketball. In fact, my dad wasrepparttar 148861 neighborhood dad (those who grew up when I did will understand) and played with allrepparttar 148862 kids inrepparttar 148863 neighborhood. We would have touch football games, kickball, baseball, t-ball and even badminton and volleyball games.

I developed an avid interest in cars, because my dad worked for Rolls Royce and was always bringing some great cars home. He brought home Joe Namath’s Jaguar, a Silver Cloud Rolls Royce (owned by one ofrepparttar 148864 builders inrepparttar 148865 area I grew up). In fact I got to drive it, which was a thrill to sayrepparttar 148866 least.

Cars had character back then, you could tell them apart. While my dad for years drove a Ford Station wagon (for business), he also owned Dodge’s and some Chevy’s. My mother lovedrepparttar 148867 Mustang and got one in 1965. I liked them bigger, so my first car was a 1962 Chevy Belair (2 door). I nicknamed her “The Black Beauty” she was a great car.

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