Get Committed To Your Business And See Result

Written by Arun Pal Singh

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

If you have not found a magic wand for your business as yet I am going to tell all about it. No! Nothing to buy. No hyped up and priced up software. No cheap search engine trick.

Nothing that will cost you any money.

Just a change of attitude. But that is not as easy thing as it sounds.

Let us discuss it out.

You need to be committed to your business to make it a success. Commitment works like a charm. You become more confident and assuring. To self as well as others you deal with. The very mind that was earlier clouded with doubts now becomes clear. You will see positive thoughts emerging out and you will bubble with creative ideas.

It is time to take your business to new heights. A change in attitude will lead to that for sure.

That is all. A change of attitude.

Search Engine Marketing Hype Killing Small Businesses

Written by Jack Humphrey

Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

Think aboutrepparttar first thing you ever heard about “marketing a website” onrepparttar 143341 web. 99% ofrepparttar 143342 timerepparttar 143343 first words anyone ever hears are “search engine marketing.” Or some semblance ofrepparttar 143344 phrase.

And from that point on,repparttar 143345 hammering of misinformation never lets up. You are led to believe that your business will die a terrible death withoutrepparttar 143346 search engines. You are led to believe that only people who can guide you throughrepparttar 143347 mine field of search engine optimization arerepparttar 143348 SEO “experts.”

Also you are told time and again thatrepparttar 143349 only way to market online PERIOD is throughrepparttar 143350 search engines. You are conditioned over time to focus most, if not all, of your efforts on trickingrepparttar 143351 search engines into liking your site above all your competitors for search terms where “there can be only one.”

Well, here’s a wake up call: The vast majority of small business startups will never haverepparttar 143352 resources, time, or know-how to turn an idea into a profitable online business focusing only on search engines.

Just look atrepparttar 143353 deluge of information there is out there on Google and how to rank well with them. People are picking apart their ranking patent application right now to try an glean a website promotion strategy based upon what Google reveals in their application about their ranking system.

Is this information valuable to a small business wanting to sell its wares to a whole market rather than justrepparttar 143354 part of that market which uses one ofrepparttar 143355 big search engines?

It is in extreme moderation, yes. In a well balanced marketing campaign that focuses on many ways to bring in targeted traffic, search engine marketing has its place. You do what you can, and you move on to allrepparttar 143356 other ways there are to promote your business.

Yet, so many people are falling victim torepparttar 143357 gleam and glitter of search engine riches being pushed on them by SEO firms and people selling search engine how-to manuals.

It is not long before a new business finds itself wrapped up in a game whererepparttar 143358 only winners arerepparttar 143359 geeks and deep pockets.

If you do not fall into either of those categories, your business is doomed fromrepparttar 143360 start if you hop right offrepparttar 143361 porch to play with those big dogs.

“But I hired a ‘big dog’ SEO firm to make my business stand out and compete withrepparttar 143362 geeks in my market niche.”

More power to you. In actuality, unfortunately, you probably just hired a teenager from India with an internet connection in his parents’ house. Most small business start ups cannot come close to affording a major SEO firm. They charge corporate-level premiums to be able to access their services.

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