Get Clients to Choose You Again and Again

Written by Judy Cullins

Did you know that 95% of small sized businesses fail because their owners don't pay enough attention to sales copy?

Whether you are a professional speaker or coach, every professional wants more clients. Even more, they want to entice clients to stay a while, and continue an ongoing relationship. Your Online sales copy matters.

The biggest mistake your Web site or other sales pieces may make is that they don't really serverepparttar needs and desires of your visitor. When we don't convey our convincing message of why they should choose us, we lose another potential client.

The second biggest mistake is that your sales copy and links don't transition easily to make it easy for your client to buy. Discouraged at your disorganization, they will leave and try some other service.

Ask yourself these questions, "What does my Web Site Say About Me? Does its messages take my readers byrepparttar 129404 collar and convince them to read more?"

Do your words inspire your readers? Will they know what they should know to arrive at an educated decision? Will they be eager to contact you and buy?

Online Choices to Promote your Service

1.Create and send a targeted ezine regularly.

If you are a professional counselor, consultant, coach, speaker, seminar leader, author or other business professional, you need to develop and offer one ofrepparttar 129405 most powerful Online marketing tools around--the eNewsletter or ezine.

Your ezine's purpose is two-fold:

One-it should give your clients and potential book buyers something that benefits them-tips, articles, resources and special offers. Subscribers want information and they love a bargain. Your ezine will offer all former clients, present ones, and potential ones particular how-tos and other useful free information. In turn, your subscribers will become your loyal supporters.

Two-Because of your generous sharing with your subscribers, they will support you in turn, by forwardingrepparttar 129406 ezine to their associates, thereby helping you sign up new subscribers. They will also buy your books, attend your seminars and check out your other services. The more targeted your subscribers,repparttar 129407 more chance you have of selling your products and services.

2. Create a Web page with words that convince your potential clients to keep reading, to gain trust, and to take action.

Think aboutrepparttar 129408 headlines you have placed on your home page. Are they so powerful and convincing they force your client to click to your sales letter? Do they describe benefits your potential client can see, hear and feel? Or are they wishy-washy saying something like: "Welcome to my site. My bio is", or "click here" to subscribe to my fabulous ezine?

The second biggest mistake is that your sales copy and links don't segway easily to make it easy for your client to buy.

One ofrepparttar 129409 biggest mistakes I've made is not checking my links or having others check them to see if they are totally clear and working. Not only did these confuse my wonderful potential clients, it cost me sales.

3. Make it easy for your clients to buy.

Some people hate to buy Online because they fearrepparttar 129410 security of their credit card information. Give them several options, including a coupon they can print and either send by regular mail or fax to your free 800 number.

Write a Short Article to Promote Your Book Online

Written by Judy Cullins

Dissatisfied with your book sales? With book signings, press releases, book store sales?

So many authors spend a lot of time and money on promotion that doesn't work. It's time to do what authors do best--write a short article. Follow these ten steps to write an article top web sites will clamor for with a link back to where your book is sold.

Apply these Ten Steps

1. Choose a topic that relates to your book. Make sure this how-to article has useful, needed information. One site who markets to professional speakers just published my article "What Makes One Book Out Sell Another."

2. Know your article's thesis. The thesis is what your article will prove. Inrepparttar introduction above,repparttar 129403 thesis is stated inrepparttar 129404 last line, "Use these ways to write an article top web sites will clamor for with a link back to where your book is sold."

3. Know your preferred audience. Just as your book has a target audience, so should your article. My book, "How to Write Your E-Book or Other Book Fast! is a short, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to assist professionals with writing and selling their book.

4. Write a sparkling opening. Like a headline in a press release or on your book's back cover, your first sentence should grab your readers byrepparttar 129405 collar so they will keep reading. The opening could use a shocking fact, a question, a benefit, or a compelling story right out of your book. Makerepparttar 129406 opening a short paragraph, even a single line. Readers want short, concise, digestible information, especially onrepparttar 129407 Internet.

5. Illustrate a need. Whatever your topic, show your readers why they need your information. If you have written a book on listening, then in your short article discuss how much is at stake for not listening such as divorce or lost business.

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