Get 'em While They're Hot!

Written by Dave Balch

What do you do when a customer compliments you on your product or service? (If you don't get any compliments, you need to read all of my other articles… NOW!) The correct answer is "I get it in writing!"

It's wonderful when your customers appreciate you; it's even more wonderful when you can share that appreciation with others. After all, what gives you more credibility than a happy customer? And who better to spreadrepparttar word than that customer?

The word ofrepparttar 125086 day, then, is "Testimonial". Here are some tips and tricks to getting good testimonials and using them to your advantage.

1. If you get a compliment on your product or service, ask if you can get it in writing, preferably on their letterhead.

2. If you have what you feel is a good customer and you don't yet have a testimonial from them, ASK FOR ONE!

3. Regardless of howrepparttar 125087 subject comes up, ask them some questions that will clarifyrepparttar 125088 benefit they enjoyed from your product or service.

4. Offer to put it in writing for them to save them time (and to word itrepparttar 125089 way you feel is best). Naturally, you will ask them for approval of what you wrote and then, if appropriate, they can put it on their letterhead.

5. A good testimonial gives specific results;repparttar 125090 more specificrepparttar 125091 better. For example, "Our productivity increased 35%" is much more powerful than "You saved us a lot of time".

6. Userepparttar 125092 testimonials everywhere you can. Every piece of literature, every brochure, every flyer should have at least one. And don't forget to use them generously on your website! (Don't include your customer's email address though, because that would make it available to spammers who combrepparttar 125093 web looking for addresses to steal.)

Secrets of Reciprocal Linking Strategy

Written by Ed Duvall

Whether you're new torepparttar internet or a seasoned online marketer, developing a plan to increaserepparttar 125085 number of reciprocal links back to your website can help you bring more highly targeted traffic to your website as well as improve your ranking inrepparttar 125086 search engines.

Link popularity is becoming an increasing important criteria for better search engine ranking. Sorepparttar 125087 better your popularity,repparttar 125088 better your ranking. You may be thinking that you'll loose traffic to your website if you link to other websites. Sure, that can and will happen, but you should gain as many or more NEW visitors that you not have otherwise visited your site.

Keep in mind that in addition to more visitors via linking that another big benefit here is a potential increase in your websites' Search Engine positioning. As an online business owner you realize that their are a variety of advertising and web promotiontechniques you have available to you. Linking to other websites is a well know but little used tool that can produce significant traffic for your website as long as it is done properly.

Understanding how to link to other sites is as important as any advertising you do. The time and energy you put into developing links to your business can pay off for weeks, months, even years to come!

**First Rule of Linking**

"Know Thy Self" or at least know what you want to accomplish on line, whether it's selling products or services of your own or as an affiliate, distributing or disseminating information onrepparttar 125089 Internet or even just having your own personal webpages.

Unfortunately what I see all ofrepparttar 125090 time are people who end up jumping around from one program, or provider or afiiliate program afterrepparttar 125091 other without any focus on what exactly they want to accomplish, other than make money online, etc.

Now, not later, isrepparttar 125092 time to look into exactly what you want your website focus to be. Decide what primary category(s) your website will fit into and what secondary or peripheral sites will compliment it. Once you've decided your focus you'll be well on your way to using reciprocal linking strategies successfully.

**Second Rule of Linking**

"Know What Kind of Websites Will Compliment Yours". There's been a lot written about how to choose websites to link to. But I thinkrepparttar 125093 one thing that can often be overlooked isrepparttar 125094 fact that people all aroundrepparttar 125095 world have diverse interests and although they may be looking for specific information, etc on one day doesn't eliminate them from clicking on a link to a website that is totally different from what they wanted to look at yesterday. They may not be targeted to your website but their interest brought them to you.

You would be surprised to findrepparttar 125096 information you may be searching for on a website that compliments yours but does not directly compete with you. It happens all ofrepparttar 125097 time. This is where your list of primary and secondary categories for your website will help you decide what webmasters you want to contact to set a reciprocal link with.

**Third Rule of Linking"

"Know who is Linking to Your Website". You can do this very easily by going online to It's FREE. There's no strings attached and it's quick and easy. Usually it doesn't take more than 2-3 minutes to check your website links. You may find that you have several links back to you that you didn't know about, some you like and maybe one or two you don't. The next thing you might want to do to help you narrow your focus is to view a comparison of your site's link popularity to your competitors and other popular websites at

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