GetMeTickets Agree with Glastonbury Ticket Security

Written by Michael Rangos

London, 1 April 2005 – Michael Eavis and cooperate to improverepparttar security of Glastonbury ticket sales. After discussing this years ticketing structure with Michael Eavis, understand his genuine concerns overrepparttar 138119 festival’s security and would not like to be part of any efforts to compromise it.

During a recent visit to's London offices, Michael Eavis commented: “The Glastonbury Festival 2005 is gearing to be one ofrepparttar 138120 best festivals ever. We have confirmed some ofrepparttar 138121 biggest acts inrepparttar 138122 world and I am really looking forward to it. We have spent a lot of time looking at different ways of selling Festival tickets to reducerepparttar 138123 problems that people had last year. This year we have introduced photographic ids and various other security features onrepparttar 138124 Glastonbury tickets which should make their re-sale virtually impossible. I am glad that Mr Rangos, and his company, has agreed to join us in makingrepparttar 138125 Glastonbury ticketing system impenetratable ”.

Last year sold over 500 tickets –repparttar 138126 vast majority of these customers attendedrepparttar 138127 Festival without problem and it was a great success. Michael Rangos, Managing Director of, observed: “ is extremely proud of its excellent service,repparttar 138128 devotion of it staff and its reputation asrepparttar 138129 'front row specialists'. While we would have preferred to be able to provide tickets forrepparttar 138130 Glastonbury Festival this year, we consider it inrepparttar 138131 best interests ofrepparttar 138132 Festival that we take these steps. The huge percentage of returning satisfied customers amongst our exquisite clientele is a unique testament torepparttar 138133 company's reliability, professionalism and authenticity. It is to be hoped that BBC Watchdog’s inaccurate reporting will be retracted and a more balanced, accurate portrayal ofrepparttar 138134 company be presented in due course.”

Art Deco and Its Enduring Popularity

Written by Rosana Hart

Elegance and geometrical shapes are amongrepparttar hallmarks of many ofrepparttar 138032 art deco objects which are still popular today. The art deco movement was at its height duringrepparttar 138033 years between World War I and World War II, roughly 1920 to 1939. The style took its name fromrepparttar 138034 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, so "deco" is short for "decorative."

Art deco became widespread in architecture, interior design including furniture and dishes, clothing, jewelry, poster art, and practically any art form. It started in Europe, but was used even more inrepparttar 138035 United States.

It drew widely onrepparttar 138036 many forms of art fromrepparttar 138037 past: Oriental and Middle Eastern art (including Egyptian), Greek and Roman works, Mayan shapes and designs. But it was considered extremely modern and used many machine and automobile design elements like wheels and gears. Rooted in some ofrepparttar 138038 avant-garde painting styles ofrepparttar 138039 era, art deco is characterized by abstraction, distortion, and simplification. Very intense colors were common, as were geometric shapes.

Above all, art deco was a celebration of modern life, an elegant and sophisticated look which was available in many ways. There were luxurious items forrepparttar 138040 wealthy, and mass-produced items forrepparttar 138041 middle class. In architecture, there were theaters, restaurants, hotels, ocean liners, and even World's Fair exhibitions. It may seem bittersweet to us so much later, but it represented a joyous delight inrepparttar 138042 rise of commerce, technology, and speed.

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