German Gift -- Make The Right Decision

Written by Marcus Hochstadt

The Right German Gift Is Often Something Different Than A Flower Or A Bottle Of Wine. Read On To Find Out.

The most given German gifts are flowers for women an a bottle of wine for men. But you could do better.

A bottle of wine, unless it is 50 years old, will be drunk at one ofrepparttar next evenings. Andrepparttar 142468 flowers a woman gets are withered in a couple of days.

Here is what I would do instead. And that will fascinate both, women and men.

==> Bring something with you that is from your country or representsrepparttar 142469 culture of your home in particular.

Now back torepparttar 142470 flowers andrepparttar 142471 wine bottle.

If these flowers are so unique and last for a long time, means that it is a plant, than it is a good German gift. And ifrepparttar 142472 wine is a few decades old so that your recipient won't empty that bottle unless you come back and you both celebrate a big deal (or something else extraordinary), that bottle will getrepparttar 142473 best place in his house, and he will show every guest this German gift he got from his friend. He even will rememberrepparttar 142474 day andrepparttar 142475 reason he got it for.

And this is my point here. Your friend, whom you give that gift, has to feel special that it brings tears in her/his eyes. Your gift has to be so unique that your friend makes everything possible to get a special place in her/his house for that German gift.

Make a “Black Cab” Driver Your Guide to London

Written by Gregory Hudson

Drivers ofrepparttar classic Black Cab spend most of their daily lives trundling throughrepparttar 142439 streets of London. They are a rare breed andrepparttar 142440 cars they drive are just as full of character and personality asrepparttar 142441 cabbies who drive them.

Takingrepparttar 142442 sage advice of a Cabbie isrepparttar 142443 perfect way to locate any destination. A Cab driver's suggestions can uncover off-beat routes and help you getrepparttar 142444 feel for a city. Remember, they arerepparttar 142445 folks who hear and see everything!

Travelling in a traditional taxi is a unique, convenient and easy method of getting from place to place throughoutrepparttar 142446 convoluted maze of London.

So why are Black Cab Driversrepparttar 142447 best travel guides to London? The Reason; Cabbies are famed for possessing a detailed understanding ofrepparttar 142448 city, known simply as “The Knowledge”.

“The Knowledge”

All ofrepparttar 142449 official London cab drivers are required to pass a test called “The Knowledge”. Whatrepparttar 142450 Knowledge is, can sometimes hard to define. Taking from between 2-4 years to acquire, some say it comes from having an extraordinary memory. London taxi drivers are said to have a part ofrepparttar 142451 brain governing spatial and visual information that is doublerepparttar 142452 size of an average persons.

The fact is, London taxi drivers have a detailed knowledge of at least 25,000 streets, coupled with a general knowledge of allrepparttar 142453 major arterial routes running throughout London.

The Knowledge also stems from a constant Interaction with London's people which means they are extremely connected with what is happening inrepparttar 142454 life ofrepparttar 142455 city.

If it's out there,repparttar 142456 Cabbie knows!

A Cabbie can find any Street!

The Cabbie's thorough knowledge of London includesrepparttar 142457 location of streets, squares, clubs, hospitals, hotels, theatres, government and public buildings, railway stations, police stations, courts, diplomatic buildings, important places of worship, cemeteries, crematoria, parks and open spaces, sports and leisure centres, places of learning, restaurants and historic buildings; in fact everything you need a driver to know in order to get you to your destination byrepparttar 142458 most direct route possible.

Men and Women of Impeccable Character

It is no coincidence that black cab drivers have a reputation for providingrepparttar 142459 best taxi service inrepparttar 142460 world. The credentials of each driver are a spotless reflection of their character and each applicant isrepparttar 142461 subject of a criminal record check before being issued with a cab driver’s licence.

Beware of Fraudsters and Hustlers

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