Geranium Plants

Written by Linda Paquette

Geraniums Plants

The geranium that brightens your landscape with its brightly colored flowers may be one of two different species. If you successfully over-wintered your geranium, chances are it is an herbaceous perennial fromrepparttar genus Geranium. However, most oftenrepparttar 113329 geraniums that delight us with their profuse blooms are fromrepparttar 113330 genus Pelargonium.

The geranium, which originated in South Africa, made its entrance torepparttar 113331 European continent inrepparttar 113332 1600ís and has been propagated and hybridized ever since. Todayrepparttar 113333 geranium is still amongrepparttar 113334 most popular ofrepparttar 113335 flowering plants. The geranium is a very adaptable flower that is suitable for beds and borders as well as hanging baskets and containers inside or outdoors!

Because there are so many types of geranium, itís difficult to choose which isrepparttar 113336 most popular type to add to your landscape.

ēThe common or zonal geranium is typically sold as a bedding plant. They are a compact plant, some having very decorative, distinctly marked two and three colored leaves.

ēIvy leaved geraniums are perfect for window boxes and hanging baskets. Although flower petals are narrower andrepparttar 113337 blossoms less dense than other cultivars,repparttar 113338 ivy leaved geranium is an attractive vining plant that can grow up to three feet long.

Welcome To Michigan

Written by Barbara Baker

Welcome to Northern Michigan,repparttar home ofrepparttar 113328 beautiful Grand Traverse Bay. We have an abundance of natural beauty in our area. Traverse City is known for itís cherry and apple farming, locally produced vintage wines, clean white sandy beaches, and a culturally active community. The summer isrepparttar 113329 reason why I live here. The water is clean and pure, you can see sandy bottom as far as you can walk. To merepparttar 113330 beach is my safe place in my heart and in my soul. When I need to escaperepparttar 113331 pressures of everyday life I go torepparttar 113332 beach to listen torepparttar 113333 waves gently caressingrepparttar 113334 waters edge. I love to seerepparttar 113335 diamonds onrepparttar 113336 water sparkling with glory asrepparttar 113337 starts to set forrepparttar 113338 evening. My herb garden is my safe place also. I can stroll thoughrepparttar 113339 garden path and fill my senses withrepparttar 113340 textures, and feelrepparttar 113341 harmony of herbs and flowers with mother earth. My garden is a working garden. I sell cut herbs and flowers for summer bouquets. I harvestrepparttar 113342 flowers to dry for my wreaths and arrangements. I am surrounded with a wealth of products in my garden. I make medicinal salves and oils fromrepparttar 113343 calendula flower which is known for its anti-viral properties, and can soothe a burn within seconds. This year I am going to produce tinctures from comfrey and our natural wild herb mullein for their powerful medicinal properties. I sell essential oils and fragrance oils as well. With these oils I make hand dipped incense sticks and my potpourri. I have developed thirteen blends or my own. After a lot of researching I have developed a recipe using carrier oils such as sweet almond oil, safflower, apricot, etc. for my body oils. The herbal blend soaks into your skin leaving no residue.

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