Genetically Predisposed to Find Faith

Written by Arthur Levine

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Genetically Predisposed to Faith

Have you ever wondered how much faith you really have? If you are like me there have been times in your life when you question how much faith you have: times when you doubt your ability to cope with personal difficulties, and times whenrepparttar 150613 threat of terrorism or natural disasters feels overwhelming. This isrepparttar 150614 time to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination to find more faith.

We are all genetically predisposed to have faith. It is a gift from God. The instinct to have faith is as strong as our will to survive. It is in fact part of our survival mechanism. Without faith we do not haverepparttar 150615 courage to go on. Without faith we have no hope. Without faith we cannot fulfillrepparttar 150616 promise that is within each of us to do something worthwhile with our lives. That is why God instilled in usrepparttar 150617 need to have faith.

Your imagination is a reflection of what your subconscious mind or soul is thinking. These thoughts creep into your mind when you first wake up or interject themselves into your thinking at odd times ofrepparttar 150618 day with seemingly no reason or continuity to what you were doing of thinking about. Donít discount these thoughts out of hand. Donít let years of rigid adherence to a particular way of thinking stop you from finding more faith. Donít let it stop you from finding new ways to get more faith. I donít believe that God cares about labels. I think itís what is in your heart that counts.

Rapture or Place of Safety?

Written by David Ben-Ariel

We know those who are accounted worthy to escape WWIII, those with a prayerful attitude and watchful spirit, growing and overcoming and sensitive torepparttar lead ofrepparttar 150536 Holy Spirit(Luke 21:34-36), will be more than provided for in "Her Place," as our gracious Lord of Hosts has promised (Rev. 12:14). The "rapture" is not biblical! God offers protection ON EARTH. We also know that it'll be more difficult for those who are pregnant or have young ones to tend to and that to help ease our collective birth pangs, we're commanded to pray our emergency evacuation won't be inrepparttar 150537 winter or onrepparttar 150538 Sabbath (Matt. 24:16-21). This reveals our prayers can affect God's timing and world events! We arerepparttar 150539 People ofrepparttar 150540 God of Elijah and our prayers can move mountains and shakerepparttar 150541 Earth and rattlerepparttar 150542 Heavens, as necessary! Our God is in control, even thoughrepparttar 150543 world will appear to be spinning out of control. God is more than able to restore energy torepparttar 150544 young and old alike (Isa.40:28-31), for whenrepparttar 150545 appointed time has come, we will go with our young and with our old (Ex. 10:9), and like Israel leaving Egypt there won't be a single feeble person among us but all will go forth inrepparttar 150546 supernatural strength ofrepparttar 150547 Name ofrepparttar 150548 LORD (Ps. 105:37).

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