"Generating Leads..And Multiple Streams of Income"

Written by Christopher Wright

"Finding Leads...Before and After You"

By Christopher Wright, Guerrilla Marketer www.GuerrillaPromotions.com

Once again...everyone's looking for leads. One can't really blame them...they arerepparttar 'life blood' of business. Lets take a look at a simple strategy for locating leads, not just a look but a vertical look.

"Are You In...The Cycle?"

Sometimesrepparttar 125139 best way to find leads is to work your cycle (sales cycle). Before you can 'work' this cycle, you first must find where you fit in this cycle. Once this is done, then its just a matter of contacting those before and after you to inquire as torepparttar 125140 possibility of a promotion.

Now, you may be wondering what I mean by 'before and after' you. This means who will your customers need before they see you and who will they need after they've done business with you. This applies whether you're focusing online or off-line.

"Form Your Crosses...Join Your Joints"

Ok, you've found your place inrepparttar 125141 sales cycle, now it's time to contact other businesses. The hot term now onrepparttar 125142 net is 'joint venture', but its been called 'cross promotions' for ages off-line. Let's say you're wedding planner and you're looking to increase your business. Let's see what we can do. Who would your potential clients need before they seek out your services? Surely they'll need wedding rings. So, let's contact some jewelers. Don't expect many jewelers to jump for joy over your prospective 'joint venture'...at least without some incentive.

The best incentive (but not always) is cash. How much should you offer? Should it be a flat fee per referral or a percentage of what they spend? This is something only you can answer. Your decision will be based on your expenses and profit margins.

Promote Your Book Online with a Short Article

Written by Judy Cullins

Dissatisfied with your book sales? With book signings, press releases, book store sales?

So many authors spend a lot of time and money on promotion that doesn't work. It's time to do what authors do best-write a short article. Online published articles are seven times more powerful than advertising, building your credibility as repparttar expert, and leadingrepparttar 125138 flock to your book-selling site.

Follow these ten steps to write an article top Web sites and ezines will clamor for with a link back to where your book is sold.

Apply these Ten Steps

1. Choose a topic that relates to your book. Make sure this how-to article has useful, needed information. One site, which markets to professional speakers, published my article "What Makes One Book Outsell Another."

2. Know your article's thesis. The thesis is what your article will prove. It isrepparttar 125139 major answer for your audience's major question. Inrepparttar 125140 introduction above,repparttar 125141 thesis is stated in repparttar 125142 last line, "Use these ways to write an article top Web sites and ezines will clamor for with a link back to where your book is sold."

3. Know your preferred audience. Just as your book has a target audience, so should your article. "Sell More Books with a Powerful Back Cover," and "Increase Web Sales Through Writing Special Reports" articles are aimed at professional speakers, coaches, trainers, authors and business people who want to write and sell books fast.

4. Write a sparkling title and opening. Like a headline in a press release, on your Web site, or on your book's back cover, your title and your first sentence should grab your readers by repparttar 125143 collar, so they will keep reading. Include a benefit in your title or subtitle. The opening could use a shocking fact, a question, a benefit, or a compelling story right out of your book. Makerepparttar 125144 opening a short paragraph, even a single line. Readers want concise, digestible information, especially onrepparttar 125145 Internet.

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