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Written by Neo

SEO Optimization techniques

Below are some techniques/guidelines that help in your page to become Search engine optimized.

The ‘crawlers' or ‘spiders' that a search engine send to your site are not able to view allrepparttar eye-candy and other nitty-gritty graphics on your site but can only obtainrepparttar 127942 textual information. In fact there are certain things they can see likerepparttar 127943 Meta tagswhich we normal users are unable to see.

Meta tags

Generally there are two kinds of Meta tags I use.

•< meta name="keywords" content=" " > •< meta NAME="Description" content="" >

Inrepparttar 127944 first one I enter ‘keywords', which are describing words for my site. They are not exactly adjective's like in

•A orange car

In this instance orange isrepparttar 127945 adjective but not exactly a suitable keyword forrepparttar 127946 page. While car seems more appropriate as it gives a description torepparttar 127947 contents ofrepparttar 127948 page, i.e. a page which has information about an orange car

Now althoughrepparttar 127949 keyword ‘car' is used onrepparttar 127950 page, you must have gone into details aboutrepparttar 127951 bonnet, spoiler, leather seats, power steering, fuel efficiency, alloy wheels, horse power and other things ofrepparttar 127952 car, yes?

The other information you had provided can also be used as keywords but its better if you only use a keyword that has been mentioned on your site.

Using meta tags creatively and efficiently can help a lot in your site occupying a ‘good' spot in SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).

Unlike other people I don't believe in occupying a #1 spot on Google or any other search engine as I know thatrepparttar 127953 change of its algorithm can get be down any time. Rather I would like to considered relevant for a variety of other keywords other than just my ‘core' keyword.

The Title Tag

•< title > < itle >

How To Research Keywords For Search Engine Marketing

Written by Dan J. Fry

The core element of any type of marketing utilizingrepparttar search engines isrepparttar 127941 keyword. Why is it so important? In terms of general marketing principles keyword search is equivalent to targeting a niche. It can help you focus your advertisements on certain key areas that will already have an interest in what you are offering.

Targeting proper keywords or key phrases, groups of 2 to 5 keywords, isrepparttar 127942 way to market successfully with pay-per-click search engines and obtain high ranking in search engine indexes. It is a rather arduous task, but one that can yield massive returns in ranking, traffic, and sales if done correctly.

So where do I start?

Many free resources exist to research which keywords you should target. The two deciding factors arerepparttar 127943 number of searches performed on a particular keyword or key phrase, andrepparttar 127944 number of sites currently targeted these. Its nothing more than supply and demand.


The premiere pay-per-click search engine who previously supplied search results to several major search engines, is now on its own. The free search tool can be found at: . Search results are displayed only forrepparttar 127945 previous month. This should be sufficient. The internet changes so quickly that what happended 6 months ago is not of much importance. What makes Overture's tool king in my view is that it provides hard numbers on how much a phrase was searched, allowing you to directly compare withrepparttar 127946 number of sites targeting each phrase.

Google Suggestion

Google has their own keyword suggestion tool. If you have an Adwords account then you are already familiar with this resource. Check it out at . This tool also provides related keyword information. It provides synonyms that might be used to target areas relatively untouched by others.


This PPC engine is steadily gaining in popularity. I have used it inrepparttar 127947 past to build my subscriber base and saw modest results. To use their keyword tool simply create a free account and log on. Then click on "Edit Bids" and go to "Keyword Suggestions".

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