General Douglas MacArthur's Disappearance

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Former CIA Director James Woolsey and Bennett are out and about in 2003 tellingrepparttar truth aboutrepparttar 149827 Cold War being properly called World War Three. Just asrepparttar 149828 current war on terror is WWIV and will continue to be. MacArthur did not want that to happen and he was ready to userepparttar 149829 A-Bomb to endrepparttar 149830 Korean War. He had to be replaced – that kind of sensible action (A-Bombs are tactical weapons and actually save overall life and create less pollution thanrepparttar 149831 alternatives.) could cut into a lot of cronyistic money-making and fear-mongering.

MacArthur was a long time hero of mine and I read all I could about him and his excellent administration in Japan as well asrepparttar 149832 inspiring speech that is summed up as ‘I shall return’. I used that phrase frequently for many years.

In 1980 or thereabouts I went to New Orleans and hired a man who had been George Marshall’s top NCO andrepparttar 149833 Allied chief NCO of commandos in Korea. Thus began my real education and since then I have found much ofrepparttar 149834 stories about MacArthur are really attributable to Marshall or are mere gloss-overs ofrepparttar 149835 truth. Things were not as simple as this man was aware of either. For examplerepparttar 149836 UN was in charge ofrepparttar 149837 Korean operation but a Russian was in charge of its administration.

There was one story my short-term employee had that made a lot of sense. Apparently Truman had to put a stop torepparttar 149838 reporting about it becauserepparttar 149839 American people would have been easily whipped into a frenzy byrepparttar 149840 fact thatrepparttar 149841 Chinese were taking American POWs and betting on when they would die. They drove bamboo shoots into their bodies and continued untilrepparttar 149842 person was declared dead. The winner wasrepparttar 149843 one who had correctly calculated how many it would take andrepparttar 149844 betting and wagering continued as people saw their original bet go byrepparttar 149845 wayside. Yes, I can see how this would have made Americans mad enough to userepparttar 149846 Bomb on China and end allrepparttar 149847 nonsense ofrepparttar 149848 Cold War that makes so much money forrepparttar 149849 armaments and financial concerns with long term investment horizons.

But why would MacArthur back down and not pursue his admitted desire for being President? Why didrepparttar 149850 Kennedy family keep quiet? What is so HUGE that this kind of thing gets stopped in its tracks? Earlier he had covered uprepparttar 149851 use of bio-weapons used with American POWs byrepparttar 149852 Japanese according to various credible sources. But I still don’t think that would have stopped him. There must be something more to it. Here is a somewhat radical source forrepparttar 149853 proof stating what Manchester (a very credible source forrepparttar 149854 paradigm) covered regarding a Nazi criminal that MacArthur worked with atrepparttar 149855 same time Kissinger came to be part of General Clay and Baruch’s re-construction with other Nazi wanted criminals.

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