Gemstones, Color and Mystical Symbolism

Written by Sam Serio

The universe of colored gemstones is endlessly fascinating, for centuries, nearly every culture has heldrepparttar belief that colored stones possess magical powers orrepparttar 145817 ability to endowrepparttar 145818 wearer with certain attributes. Due torepparttar 145819 magical powers associated with colored gems, they were used extensively as amulets and talismans, portals torepparttar 145820 future; and as important components to many spiritual practices.

Yellow stones when worn by a woman were a sign of generosity. Worn by a man, a yellow stone signaled secrecy (as with a secret lover).

A violet stone worn by a woman indicated lofty thoughts and love of a spiritual nature. For a man, sober judgment, steadfastness, and ambition.

Black stones revealed foolishness and capriciousness in young women, while in married women it showed fidelity, constant love and perseverance. A man wearing a black stone exhibited gravity, common sense, constancy, and inner strength.

Red stones when worn by a women indicated pride, haughtiness, and obstinacy. On a man nobility, command, leadership and vengeance.

Gold Jewelry-The Rest of The Story

Written by Sam Serio

Gold is one ofrepparttar metals taken fromrepparttar 145816 earth and is probablyrepparttar 145817 first metal known to man. Its first use has been traced back to 3600 B. C. and was probably originally obtained in Egypt, asrepparttar 145818 ancient methods of obtaining gold in Egypt are illustrated in early rock carvings. It is said inrepparttar 145819 book of Genesis that Abraham, inrepparttar 145820 twentieth century B. C., when he went out of Egypt, was very rich not only in cattle but in gold and silver both in dust and ingots. In Exodus xxv, 29, we read that Moses was commanded byrepparttar 145821 Lord to make spoons of gold forrepparttar 145822 Tabernacle. Inrepparttar 145823 writings of Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Pliny and others, gold is frequently mentioned.

Gold is widely distributed in nature and is found in many ways and in all parts ofrepparttar 145824 world. It is found in water, inrepparttar 145825 ice of Alaska, inrepparttar 145826 sand of South Africa, and inrepparttar 145827 quartz of Colorado, and is frequently found native, though usually alloyed with silver or iron. The purest specimens of native gold have yielded from 96 to 99 per cent, pure metal.

It is remarkable that all ofrepparttar 145828 races of mankind have selected gold asrepparttar 145829 first and chief representative of value. Inrepparttar 145830 earliest times it was used as a medium of exchange inrepparttar 145831 form of bars, spikes and rings;repparttar 145832 rings could be opened and closed so that a chain could be made for convenience in carrying. Gold was also used at a very early period forrepparttar 145833 construction of personal ornaments, asrepparttar 145834 savage found it easy to beat outrepparttar 145835 pure ore into circlets to adorn his limbs. The universal use of gold in preference to all other metals is due to its many properties; its color and luster, its malleability and its indestructibility. Gold does not tarnish nor can it be destroyed. It may be reduced to a liquid andrepparttar 145836 liquid transferred to a powder, andrepparttar 145837 powder when melted in a crucible returns to its natural state. It isrepparttar 145838 most malleable of all metals and has been hammered into leaves 1-282,000th of an inch thick. An ounce of gold may be drawn out into a wire fifty miles long. The tenacity of gold is seven tons per square inch.

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