Gem and Crystal Jewelry...the Power to Heal?

Written by Sam Serio

References torepparttar power of crystals and gems and their use in spiritual and healing rituals can be found inrepparttar 147897 ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations. Todayrepparttar 147898 practice of using stones and crystals continues with ordinary people acrossrepparttar 147899 world who claim extraordinary results. By stimulating a person's thought, it is believed that crystals stimulate healing - both physical and non-physical. Stones inrepparttar 147900 red family -- red, yellow and orange -- are prized for their ability to produce energy. Onrepparttar 147901 other end ofrepparttar 147902 spectrum, blue, violet, and lavender stones have a calming effect. In between arerepparttar 147903 clear and aquamarine stones that having healing properties. Many people use and combine crystals to improve a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual conditions based onrepparttar 147904 healing properties attributed to each stone: · Amethyst - This "spiritually uplifting" stone can reduce anger, and impatience. · Aquamarine - This beautiful stone protects your heart and your immune system and aids communications on all levels…especially onrepparttar 147905 physical and spiritual planes · Carnelian - The perfect stone for targeting your body's system, carnelian is a "stimulant" for your circulatory system, kidneys, appetite, emotions, and sexuality. It bestows confidence, assertiveness, and an unstoppable drive to succeed. · Citrine - Citrine can help with acid indigestion, food disorders, and allergies with cleansing powers aimed at your spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, and intestines. Mentally, citrine is valuable for emotional clarity, willpower, optimism, and self-discipline.

It Is Possible to Have Style AND a Savings Account

Written by Melissa Tosetti

I used to wonder how my coworkers could affordrepparttar latest and greatest fashions. Despiterepparttar 147854 fact that we all took homerepparttar 147855 same meager salary, they walked inrepparttar 147856 door every week with a new outfit. I walked inrepparttar 147857 door withrepparttar 147858 same sloppy jeans and sweater. It took a few years before I realized that their clothes were actually owned by Visa and MasterCard. This was a realization I made without ever looking at their credit card statement. I could seerepparttar 147859 stress in their eyes. Byrepparttar 147860 time they paid off that sweater set, sweater sets were out of style. They were on a Fashion Hamster Wheel.

My coworker Jessica was different. She was always tastefully dressed, her clothes predatingrepparttar 147861 next fashion trend. Almost every time I asked her where she got her clothes she told me she bought them at a thrift store. There was something else about Jessica’s style that no one else had – serenity. She had zero debt. She was in full control of her life and it was palpable. It’s no coincidence that she bought her first home when she was just 24 years old.

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