"Geek Speak"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Inrepparttar dictionary, a Geek is defined as "A carnival performer whose act usually consists of bitingrepparttar 101214 head off a live chicken or snake". Today however, it has taken onrepparttar 101215 additional meaning of someone who doesn't fitrepparttar 101216 norm, and usually refers to someone highly knowledgeable in computers.

If you think about it, a geek can exist in any occupation or field of endeavor. They all have their own language peculiar to their trade. If two meteorologists meet at a party, and start talking about isobars they will understand each other. Doctors might discuss new radical surgery techniques, while lawyers might discuss torts.

If they userepparttar 101217 same terms with people not in their profession, they might not be understood. People who do this are guilty of "Geek Speak".

If you try to advertise your business and use "Geek Speak", while you will most likely be understood by others in your field, you will quickly loserepparttar 101218 majority of people.

"Prime the Pump"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Anyone who has a well, knows you have to "Primerepparttar Pump" before you get any water. In order to primerepparttar 101213 pump, you have to give it a little water so you can then pump out a lot. Well,repparttar 101214 same is true in business - any business, but especially so onrepparttar 101215 web.

Assuming you have a good product that is reasonably priced, how do you market it to turn a profit. Some believe that if they "throw up" a web pagerepparttar 101216 world will beat a path to their door. Others followrepparttar 101217 no cost advertising route.

If you were walking down a dimly lit street, and someone you never met, walked up, and offered to sell you a valuable watch for $15. What would you do? If you're like me, you'd say, "thanks, but no thanks". Why do some people think they can do it onrepparttar 101218 web and it will work.

In order to succeed in business onrepparttar 101219 web, you must become known, and you are competing with some "heavy hitters", who have very deep pockets for advertising.

The web does one thing however forrepparttar 101220 small entrepreneur - it creates a level playing field. There are plenty of niche markets where you can advertise at a very low cost.

Letrepparttar 101221 "heavy hitters" spend their megabucks and forget it - you are not going to compete in their arena. While they are spending their advertising dollars on ads that reach hundreds of thousands with a minimal return, you can target your market and maximize yours.

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