Gavin Law Firm Announces New Website

Written by Mike Mahon

Illinois and Missouri personal injury attorney, William P. Gavin recently released a completely redesigned new website located at The website features an attorney profile detailing Mr. Gavin’s background and expertise. It also includes each ofrepparttar claims that he handles inrepparttar 150737 Illinois and Missouri area. These practice areas include auto accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, construction accidents, fireworks accidents, railroad accidents, FELA, traumatic injuries, occupational injuries and diseases, attorney malpractice, severe and catastrophic injury, brain/head injury claims, burn injury claims, neck injury claims, back injury claims, defective product lawsuits, farm machinery accidents, asbestos, mesothelioma, ATV accidents, dangerous drug claims, Baycol side effects claims, Prempro side effects claims, Tylenol® and liver damage claims, silicosis injuries, workers compensation claims, river workers claims, wrongful death claims, toxic substances, chemical exposure claims, insurance bad faith claims, business litigation, commercial litigation, welders and disease and diesel exhaust and cancer.

John Roberts – Supreme Court Nominee

Written by Richard A. Chapo

President Bush’s selection ofrepparttar Hon. John Roberts is an interesting choice. The betting, and there had been betting, was on a minority or female candidate. Instead, President Bush swings forrepparttar 150608 fences with a middle-aged, white male. Letrepparttar 150609 ugliness begin.


Regardless of your political views, Roberts’ intellectual competency cannot be questioned. This man was a very competent lawyer and is a thoughtful judge. As an advocate, his arguments beforerepparttar 150610 Supreme Court were always creative and thorough. As a judge, his written opinions reveal sound analytical skills and logical interpretations ofrepparttar 150611 facts at hand.

The current court constituency has been together for far too long and is intellectually vacant on many issues. The leading intellectuals, Rehnquist and O’Connor arerepparttar 150612 undisputed “thinkers” onrepparttar 150613 court. Obviously, O’Connor is gone and Rehnquist will undoubtedly take a reduced roll in light of his serious health issues. The poor man looks like hell!

Ofrepparttar 150614 remaining justices, none is particularly sharp and certainly not a leader ofrepparttar 150615 court. Scalia is a publicity hound and hurls insults at all who disagree with him. Thomas issues opinions that nearly everyone agrees are simply bizarre. Stevens has always taken a back seat and Ginsburg certainly will be inrepparttar 150616 minority. The remaining Justices are often wildly inconsistent and certainly have issued a number of opinions that turn onrepparttar 150617 most inane of facts. The recent contradictory decisions regardingrepparttar 150618 10 Commandments are perfect examples of a Court gone adrift.

If confirmed, John Roberts will berepparttar 150619 first step in bringing solid legal reasoning back torepparttar 150620 bench. By solid, I don’t mean liberal or conservative thinking. I simply mean decisions that are logically consistent. Of allrepparttar 150621 current Justices, Roberts would clearly berepparttar 150622 best choice for Chief Justice when Rehnquist finally leavesrepparttar 150623 bench. .

Okay, we’ve established Robert’s is a quality judge. What effect will his confirmation have onrepparttar 150624 landmark decisions, particularly Roe v. Wade?

Landmark Decisions

Make no mistake, John Roberts is very conservative. Generally, he will side withrepparttar 150625 conservatives onrepparttar 150626 bench, but not always. His vote will be critical since he is replacing Justice O’Connor,repparttar 150627 historical swing voter. Depending upon your political leanings, this as either a good or bad thing.

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