Gas Prices Too High? Save on Everything Else

Written by Gary Gray

As you know, gas prices are way up right now, and could hit all-time highs this summer. Since gas is a necessary commodity,repparttar high prices may give us a good reason to complain. But instead of slamming your fist onrepparttar 137417 steering wheelrepparttar 137418 next time you fill up, try saving money in other ways to make uprepparttar 137419 difference.

Now, I'm not talking about clipping newspaper coupons for your next visit torepparttar 137420 grocery store (though that might be a good idea.) I'm talking about deals and discounts that are easy to find and easy to use--no cutting required.

Coupon sites onrepparttar 137421 World Wide Web provide a very valuable and FREE resource that can save consumers a lot of money. A lot of people don't think about looking at coupon sites before they shop for something online, but if they do, they'll find special coupons, discounts, or promotions. And we're not talking 5% off at Harry's House of Hairpieces. We're talking about great discounts from retailers like Target, PetsMart,,, Home Depot, and many more.

Before you go shopping for a gift or something essential for yourself, I'd urge everyone to visit online coupon sites and see what you've been missing. Chances are, you'll find something that will save you a good amount of money on that purchase.

What You Need to do Business Online

Written by Dave Summits

Are you ready to do business online? There are many things that you need to make sure you have, to ensure flexibility and security for your online store. In this article, we will outlinerepparttar basics of bringing your business online.

Shopping Cart Software There are several different solutions that you should consider for your shopping cart software that we will go over here. First off, you can open a Yahoo Store. This is a good solution for people without much technical knowledge, and doesn't take too much to set up. However, you need a lot of flexibility, you should probably consider another solution. My personal favorite is osCommerce. This is an open source (so its free!) shopping cart solution with a big, very active community to help you out alongrepparttar 137293 way. Your host will need to have PHP and MySQL for osCommerce to function. It is very simple to run an unmodified version of osCommerce. You just download it, upload it to your server, and runrepparttar 137294 web-based install, or if you have Fantastico, you can automatically install it from there. There is a web-based administration backend allowing you to add products to your store and edit configuration settings. There are many contributions that you can install to customize your store, but minimal knowledge of PHP is needed. I think that osCommerce is a great solution for many people. Another popular shopping cart is Miva Merchant Pro. Unlike osCommerce, this one isn't free, but there are hosts who can license it to you at a monthly rate. This can be a very costly solution, but they do have many very happy users ofrepparttar 137295 program. There is a clean GUI (graphical user interface) and a nice administrative backend. Both osCommerce and Miva Merchant Pro require you to find a web host, but with Yahoo Stores you are hosted directly by Yahoo.

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