Gardening - Using Annuals in Your Perrenial Garden

Written by Jill Dow

Annuals in your perrenial garden are something to think about! Annuals give you season long color, easy propogation, they're cost efficient, and provide first season interest.

If you're just starting a perrenial garden annuals are a great choice to fill in gaps. I remember my first garden. I bought a couple of plants thinking "This is gonna be great!" A few weeks later I realised this wasn't true. I needed a whole lot more plants and they cost a bunch! I opted for some annual seeds and I had a really pretty garden byrepparttar seasons end. Annuals can certainly help to fill in a garden while you wait for perrenials to mature.

Outdoor life and garden living

Written by Chay Leach

The Gadget Shop review - Including spa's, swimming pools, hammocks and trampolines


New for 2005 at Gadget-Box is our 'outdoor living and garden life' section, packed full of great new products ideal for summer. At Gadget-Box we never stop looking for wacky gadgets that are hard to find elsewhere. The section contains dozens of products, in this review we will be looking at 4 products which we believe are great fun and even better value for money.

Lava Hammock

Firstly we will start withrepparttar garden, click here to seerepparttar 147079 lava hammock" target="_blank">Lava Hammock, its a double size hammock with a maximum load of 160kg. As with all our hammocks you can hang them from trees or you can purchase a stand from us to supportrepparttar 147080 hammock. This particular hammock is available in 5 different colours. Imagine lazing awayrepparttar 147081 day underrepparttar 147082 sun sipping an ice cold beer, you no longer have to dream because our hammocks start at just 45 and supporting stands start at 99.

Moonwalker trampolines

Moving on to our second product , isrepparttar 147083 Moonwalker Trampolines, a great summer item forrepparttar 147084 kids. The Moon Walker range is a deluxe trampoline with a 1 inch thick padding coveringrepparttar 147085 springs. It comes with a free weather cover and ladder. It has a green coloured pad to blend into your garden. Single user weight limit is 16 stones. With such an easy to assemble steel frame and available in 12 or 14ft sizes starting at 229 its a must see product.

Swimming pools

Don't want to get stuck in summer traffic just trying to make it torepparttar 147086 seaside or swimming pool, with this range you wont even have to leave your garden to get a cool refreshing dip. Our garden" target="_blank">Mech Tech Inflatable Pools are great value for money, don't be mistaken, these are not your 6x6ft paddling pools , you can easily submerge yourself as they come in either a 12ft x 30" or 12ft x 36". They also come complete with a filter pump so there is no need to keep emptying and refilling asrepparttar 147088 pump will help keeprepparttar 147089 water fresh and clean. That's an inflatable pumped swimming pool starting at 129, you really will be hard pushed to find such a great product as this. If your looking for an even large pool, take a look at our steal frame pools which can be as large as 28ft x 15ft, that's a standard swimming pool in your back garden.

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