Garden Accessories

Written by Johann Erickson

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a beautiful garden filled with flowers, greenery and garden accessories. There are so many different types of garden accessories available to enhancerepparttar beauty and ambiance of your garden. From wind chimes to Pergolas to will be able to fulfill your fantasies and create a wonderful garden where not only you will enjoy spending many hours but your favorite birds can call home.

Wind chimes are wonderful garden accessories that many people enjoy. The soothing and harmonious sound of a wind chime can be very appealing as you rest or work in your garden. Wind chimes today, come in so many different varieties and styles that you may have a hard time deciding on which one you should choose for your garden. You will be able to choose from glass, pewter, wood, or even bamboo andrepparttar 135645 styles can be from Victorian to simple. Each wind chime has a distinct personality that it will bring to your garden whether that is charming or whimsical. Alongrepparttar 135646 line of wind chimes you can also include a unique garden bell. These unique bells are so charming and inviting to behold in any garden.

Stepping stones are another way to bring your own personality into your garden. These wonderful garden accessories can be used to take your visitors through your magical array of plants and flowers. You will be able to place each stepping stone in justrepparttar 135647 right location to enhancerepparttar 135648 view of your magnificent garden. Even garden signs can be personalized to give your guests more information. You can just have your own name onrepparttar 135649 sign or sayings like bunnies crossing or maybe choose a name for each section of your beautiful garden. Withrepparttar 135650 garden signs you will be able to enhance your garden and give itrepparttar 135651 feel that you desire.

Give Your Garden a Rippling Effect: Add a Tranquil Pond

Written by Mary M. Alward

A pond is a landscaping tool that creates a tranquil, relaxing retreat in which to unwind after a busy day Ė a tranquil haven where all of your stress will disappear.

A pond will bring your garden alive. It will transform a still image in to one that is full of life. You will enjoy abundant wildlife that visit, including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, toads and other small creatures that are attracted byrepparttar sound of moving water.

A love of nature and gardening will help you keep your garden environment in balance while youíre designing your garden pond. Even if you are inexperienced inrepparttar 135644 subject of water gardening, you will be able to create a project that will bring a touch of natureís magic into your garden.

Your pond will be your gardenís focal point;repparttar 135645 centerpiece where allrepparttar 135646 main activity is focused. Beautiful blossoming water lilies will rest among lush lily pads while goldfish glide throughrepparttar 135647 water. Watch dragonflies circle overrepparttar 135648 pond and perch atrepparttar 135649 waterís edge to lay their eggs. Your pond garden will be a tranquil, soothing place where blooming plants and wildlife will create an enchanting natural ecosystem.

While a pond can be totally self contained, it will be more successful if it is coupled with a bog garden. The plants used will provide opportunities for aquatic flora to flourish, as well as decoraterepparttar 135650 area around your pond. Plants included in your bog garden will allow you a unique opportunity to grow flora that would be impossible to develop in any other type of garden.

If your space is limited, or if a traditional pond is too large, container water gardens can be created. A half barrel fountain converted into a pond where gnomes rush and pygmy water lilies flourish makes a profound accent for your garden. If a barrel isnít your idea of an attractive container, use old sinks, livestock watering troughs or a bathtub, covered in mosaics to create a unique container water garden.

When you are choosing a site for your pond, siting and safety are very important. The site is crucial torepparttar 135651 success of your pond. It must be in a position to be highly visible and ecological factors must be considered. Plants wonít prosper unlessrepparttar 135652 pondís profile is suitable.

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