Garbage in its Place

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Garbage in its Place (352 words)

There is nothing worse than seeing garbage blowing downrepparttar street of your neighborhood, or finding broken shards of glass atrepparttar 105538 local swimming hole where children play. Wildlife is just as vulnerable to garbage and many have lost their lives after becoming tangled in waste or mistaking garbage for food. It is up to each of us to make an effort to minimize this unsightly, and sometimes hazardous, problem. Animals, wind and traffic breezes put legs to loose garbage and are able to distribute it great distances fromrepparttar 105539 original source. The first thing that we can do to prevent this is to ensure trashcan and dumpster lids are secure. Metal and plastic trashcans are more preventative than bags - leaving a bag out over night or even for several hours, is an enticing invitation for stray animals to wreak havoc. When taking a load torepparttar 105540 dump, be sure that it is securely covered by tightly tying a tarp overrepparttar 105541 load with some rope or bungee cords. Carry plastic shopping bags on your walks to clean up litter that you find alongrepparttar 105542 way. Often, people are rewarded for their efforts byrepparttar 105543 deposits returned from bottles and cans. Those who have noticed your efforts will begin taking uprepparttar 105544 same habit once they realizerepparttar 105545 impact it has.

Energy Aware and Waste Wise

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Energy Aware and Waste Wise (583 words)

Constantly bombarded with negative information aboutrepparttar environment, finances and natural resources? Feeling overwhelmed? Each and every one of us can do something to help our world - starting right where we are, right now. Though not everyone can afford to donate cash or time to a cause, there are endless tactics that will decrease an individual’s contribution torepparttar 105346 landfill and their resource consumption. Mirrors, placed strategically in a room can be used to make use of natural lighting more efficiently, and reduce energy use as well. When placed near indoor plants, mirrors act like a second window creating better growing conditions while givingrepparttar 105347 illusion of increased space and greenery torepparttar 105348 ambiance of a room. When loadingrepparttar 105349 clothes dryer, fluffrepparttar 105350 wet and tangled laundry before tossing intorepparttar 105351 machine. This allows for immediate and more efficient use of dryer energy. Very hot settings (which can actually shrink clothing) can thus be avoided. Typically,repparttar 105352 heated air from a clothes dryer is pumped outside and wasted. Consider purchasing a dryer vent converter - available at most hardware stores. These are little boxes that divertrepparttar 105353 heated air fromrepparttar 105354 dryer intorepparttar 105355 house duringrepparttar 105356 cold and dry winter months – making better use of your energy dollar while saving a little on heating costs. Be warned that this air is moist, and this may not be appropriate in all situations. Homes with dry static air or wood heat would benefit fromrepparttar 105357 moisture, but buildings that already have a moisture problem (evident by mould and mildew or sweating and frosted windows) will only have their issues compounded by doing this. Instead of buying disposable dryer sheets for static control, consider using a liquid fabric softener with a reused rag or sock. Pour a Tablespoon ofrepparttar 105358 liquid onrepparttar 105359 rag, roll it up and squeeze (to soak up allrepparttar 105360 softener) and toss inrepparttar 105361 dryer. Washrepparttar 105362 rag periodically by throwing it in with a normal load. Just imaginerepparttar 105363 number of dryer sheets,repparttar 105364 packaging they came in, along withrepparttar 105365 costs, energy and resources to produce them that can be avoided by this one simple act.

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