has recently introduced the innovation in the online gambling industry - Toolbar.

Written by Sam Brown

Provided free of charge, it allows gamblers to locaterepparttar most popular gambling sites, view ratings forrepparttar 110068 resources and rate themselves, access reviews written by other gamblers and contribute their own ones, quickly hide browser windows which contain sensitive information. Toolbar also enables its users to get as much information onrepparttar 110069 gambling site as possible, including contact information, jurisdiction, foundation date, amounts and types of jackpots and bonuses, number of games, site related materials and links. In addition to this,repparttar 110070 toolbar has a vast number of other features which are most common for Internet users.

“Oktoberfest” – the legendary Bavarian Beer festival -comes to London

Written by German News

“Oktoberfest” –repparttar legendary Bavarian Beer festival -comes to London

The world’s largest and most famous beer festival – Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest - is coming to London! For three Fridays this October – October 15th, October 22nd and 29th – Limeburner Lane will be filled withrepparttar 110067 famous Bavarian Erdinger beer, bratwurst and pretzels, traditional Bavarian music, yodelling and blonde beer waitresses.

“Oktoberfest in London” is an international event with something for all nationalities and customers.

Individual beer fans, groups and companies are all invited to joinrepparttar 110068 original Bavarian-style event in a traditional rustic German atmosphere. As well asrepparttar 110069 beer, bratwurst and music there will also be Bavarian Olympics.

Two ofrepparttar 110070 traditional highlights are Fingerhakeln (two contestants ‘wrestle’ with their middle fingers to try to pullrepparttar 110071 opponent overrepparttar 110072 table and into submission); and Masskrug-Stemmen (contestants carry steins with straight arms in a test of endurance).

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