Gallstones and Coffee! Who Would Have Thought?

Written by Randy Wilson

Many gallstones studies overrepparttar last twenty years have hinted at a relationship between consuming caffeinated coffee and a reduced risk of these issues, including cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141902 liver, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal health.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo, Norway, recently did a study ofrepparttar 141903 correlation between coffee consumption and gallstones health; specifically, they evaluatedrepparttar 141904 mortality rate from cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141905 liver.

Whenrepparttar 141906 researchers looked at those who died from alcoholic cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141907 liver, there was no benefit to drinking coffee. However, for those who suffered from cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141908 liver not related to alcohol, drinking coffee reducedrepparttar 141909 effects ofrepparttar 141910 liver cirrhosis.

Whenrepparttar 141911 Department of Medicine atrepparttar 141912 Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (Northern California Region) in Oakland, California, did their study, they recognized that most heavy drinkers do not develop alcoholic cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141913 liver and other gastrointestinal disorders.

The researchers found that those patients who drank four or more cups of coffee per day had one-fifthrepparttar 141914 risk of cirrhosis ofrepparttar 141915 liver as non-coffee and tea drinkers.

This relationship remained constant even when weighed against other risk factors such as other gastrointestinal health issues. The Department of Community Health Sciences atrepparttar 141916 University of Calgary in Canada examinedrepparttar 141917 relationship of coffee consumption with various gastrointestinal cancers, including bladder, colon, and rectal.

The study was unable to find any correlation between coffee or tea consumption and bladder or rectal cancer. However,repparttar 141918 study again found that drinking five or more cups of coffee daily significantly reducedrepparttar 141919 risk of colon cancer.

This was especially pronounced with cancer ofrepparttar 141920 proximal colon rather thanrepparttar 141921 distal colon. The Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri in Milan, Italy, choose to look at a different gastrointestinal health issue, colorectal cancer.

They reviewed twenty-five studies published between 1990 and 2003 to try to determine any sort of statistical relationship between drinking coffees or tea and colorectal cancer. The analysis concluded that there was no benefit to drinking either decaffeinated coffees or any kind of tea.

However, drinking caffeinated coffees repeatedly was shown to reducerepparttar 141922 risk of colorectal cancer, regardless of any demographic biases.

This same facility also looked atrepparttar 141923 relationship between coffee consumption and cancers ofrepparttar 141924 bladder, pancreas, colon, and rectum in a separate epidemiological study.

They found that, despiterepparttar 141925 highly publicized accounts torepparttar 141926 contrary,repparttar 141927 higher risk of bladder cancer for coffee drinkers is negligible and a relationship could not be found with either amount of coffees consumed or length of time over which it was consumed.

Eating Healthy with a Meat Grinder

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

While it may be surprising, owning your own meat grinder can help you in your pursuit to live a healthier life. According torepparttar USDA,repparttar 141828 average American in 2000 consumed 300 more calories thanrepparttar 141829 average American in 1985, a 12% increase, including a 24% increase of fat calories. The average daily fat intake was 81.4 grams and saturated fat intake was 27.9 grams in 2000 ( Americans are consuming too much fat, especially saturated fat.

One way to cut down on fat is to own your own meat grinder. Your meat grinder gives yourepparttar 141830 ability to manage what you are eating. You will no longer be subject to what seasonings and fillers that are found inrepparttar 141831 meats available in your local grocery store. With a meat grinder, you gain total control of what goes into your meat products. You are in charge of your intake of fats, salts, and other fillers since you are in control ofrepparttar 141832 ingredients. A meat grinder can help you in your pursuit in living a healthier lifestyle.

A meat grinder is a useful tool for grinding meat for meatloaf, sausages, hamburgers, and much more. A meat grinder allows you to pickrepparttar 141833 cuts of meat you want and gives you a better consistency to your meat then a regular food processor can. In addition, it also hasrepparttar 141834 ability to grind up nuts, fruit, cheese, and vegetables. This means you can let your imagination run wild with possibilities including relish, savory spreads, and much more. A meat grinder allows you to create healthy and better tasting meals.

A meat grinder not only allows healthy alternatives but also gives you a chance to be creative. For Memorial Day, our family barbecuedrepparttar 141835 most amazing lean sausages with applesauce and apple chunks. These extra ingredients giverepparttar 141836 sausage a unique flavor and keeprepparttar 141837 lean meat moist. A meat grinder gives yourepparttar 141838 chance to stay lean and be creative. The following is a simple lean sausage recipe just to get you started on some of your own ideas:

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