Gaining Weight -- Your Real Weight Problem

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

Gaining Weight

This is your real problem. Not losing weight but gaining it is why we are faced with an obesity epidemic. Forget weight loss diets, you need a weight gain prevention diet.

But what aboutrepparttar excess weight you have now? Of course you have to lose weight, but it's how you lose it that can makerepparttar 143255 difference between keeping weight off and regaining it all back.

Lose weight and prevent weight gain atrepparttar 143256 same time, that's your goal.

Weight Gain

There are two types of weight gain...

Natural Weight Gain (age related)

As we age it's natural to gain weight. The main process involves a slowing of your metabolism due to a loss of muscle tissue. You knowrepparttar 143257 old saying, "Use it or lose it."

This is why keeping your muscles toned and strong is so important. When muscle is tones,repparttar 143258 nervous system constantly stimulates it at a higher rate. This means you need to expend more energy even at rest to keeprepparttar 143259 muscle tissue from becoming fatigued.

Flabby muscle has very little nerve stimulation at rest. This results in a slower metabolism and possibly weight gain inrepparttar 143260 future.

Bottom line...keep your muscles toned and strong and weight will not be an issue for you.

Weight Re-gain

This is weight gained immediately after dieting. It is inevitable unless you stay onrepparttar 143261 diet. Diets today promote fast weight loss so that you see and feel results in a short period of time. They get praised for doing a great job and you feel great about yourself.

Wellness Coach Reveals Celebrity Diet

Written by Carmellita M. Brown

We think we know everything there is to know about them. After all, faithful paparazzi haunt them down just so we can get a picture or a glimpse of their lives. However,repparttar “money shot” doesn’t tell us everything. Especially how they stay in shape, maintain their youthfulness, and flawless skin.

We have seenrepparttar 143175 Demi Moore transform before our very eyes, we have watched Alicia Silverstone remain just as radiant as she was in “Clueless”. We have seen Angela Basset evolve from a muscle built Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It” to a lean and fit beauty right before our eyes.

So, what is their secret? The secret is your natural fat burner. Your body has a natural fat burner called your liver. The liver is responsible for breaking down fats and excreting bile fromrepparttar 143176 system. It isrepparttar 143177 largest internal organ inrepparttar 143178 body and often times we ignore it.

There is only one proper way to care forrepparttar 143179 liver and that is maintaining a diet that allows for daily detoxification of solidified protein trapped in intercellular fluid betweenrepparttar 143180 cells—also known as metabolic waste, toxins, and mucoid plaque. These trapped substances can cause damage to your cells. As we know, cells make up tissues and tissues make up organs. Damaged cells causerepparttar 143181 overproduction of fatty tissue, cause damage to your skin (the largest external organ) due to free radicals, and cause premature aging due to hardened arteries an capillaries. These trapped substances also cause stress which leads to abdominal fat, food addiction, and emotional eating becauserepparttar 143182 body is working so hard to rid itself of these damaging substances.

Unlike celebrities, many of us can’t afford $750 an hour nutritionists from private institutions of study to come to our home, train us, and walk us through a diet that promotes liver health.

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