Gain control over your screensavers with this simple steps

Written by David Schomberg

We all enjoy our favorite screensavers but inrepparttar same time we all hate to see that they sometimes disturb our movies, presentations and allrepparttar 139399 things we do and do not like to be disturbed from. Just read carefully this article and you will never have this problem again.

Screensavers will always prevent your monitor from burn-ins but their will be always moments when you want them to be disabled so they will not disturb you.

Sure,repparttar 139400 best solution is to be able to disable your screensavers before any activity likerepparttar 139401 ones that I mentioned atrepparttar 139402 beginning of this article and because many other peoples did encountered this problem before us, many softwares have appeared to help us.

The one I found very simple to use because it doesn't have many features but doesrepparttar 139403 job very good is Galt Screen Control by Galt Technology. You can download this software from here : .

It's very simple to use. You just have to right click on it's icon inrepparttar 139404 system tray and select your option.

You will not have to remember to enable your screensavers because you haverepparttar 139405 option to disable them for a selected time, which I found very useful.

Another option for you would be a more complex software created by South Bay Software, Hot Corners. You can download it from here : .

About distributing your AVI movies

Written by Jakob Jelling

An AVI movie can be compressed using different video codecs. This compression is necessary in order to reducerepparttar movie file size which otherwise would occupy too much space and copying it or transferring it from one device to another would be a complicated step to achieve.

If you wish to watch your AVI movie in your PC and this movie was compressed with a particular codec, you will need to haverepparttar 139331 same codec installed on that PC. You will always need one same codec to compress and to decompress not only an AVI movie but any other movie n any other format as well.

There are some codecs which you can use with your AVI movie when you wish that it doesn't loose as much quality as it generally would throughrepparttar 139332 compression- decompression process. TSCC is one ofrepparttar 139333 codecs which would allow you to compress, transfer and decompress your movie without loosing its quality.

One ofrepparttar 139334 main advantages of AVI files isrepparttar 139335 fact that they can be played in many different players while other files can only be played in specific ones. If you storage or distribute your own movie through an AVI file, it could be seen in Real Player, Camtasia Player, Media Player and QuickTime.

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