Written by Jinky C. Mesias

There are different types of car accidents that a driver may encounter and this article aims to help those drivers involved into knowingrepparttar classification ofrepparttar 142816 car accident they are currently involved in. Car accidents fall into several categories and these are as follows: rear-end collisions, side collisions, rollovers, head-on collisions, single-car accidents and pile-ups.

REAR-END COLLISIONS The rear-end collision is a traffic accident wherein a vehicle crash withrepparttar 142817 vehicle in front of it. In this type of collision bothrepparttar 142818 vehicles involved experienced mechanical damage and aside from that,repparttar 142819 injuries contacted by both occupants are not that severe compared torepparttar 142820 damaged taken by their vehicles. And also, a typical medical consequence of rear-end collisions is a whiplash and this may also happen even in cases where collisions happened at moderate speed. Furthermore, for insurance as well as policingrepparttar 142821 vehicle that bumps or crashrepparttar 142822 rear-end of another car isrepparttar 142823 one considered at fault.

SIDE COLLISIONS A side collision is wherein two vehicles crashing side-to-side. The severity ofrepparttar 142824 damaged incurred byrepparttar 142825 vehicles are based onrepparttar 142826 vehicles structures whereinrepparttar 142827 less structurally set-up vehicle will tend to suffer much ofrepparttar 142828 collision damaged. Moreover,repparttar 142829 occupants ofrepparttar 142830 vehicle withrepparttar 142831 lower mass will sufferrepparttar 142832 greater injuries.


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

The first thing to do in case of car accident is to remain calm and not to panic. After you calm yourself,repparttar next best thing to do is to seek for help quickly however we all know from movies that help often times comes later on inrepparttar 142815 movie which is sadly to say also happens in real life and so for cases such as this it is always practical and sensible to apply first aid solutions. The main concern of giving first aid solutions is to save lives as well as to provide temporary relief to injuries due torepparttar 142816 impact of car accidents. However, injuries due to car accidents doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be wounds neverthelessrepparttar 142817 absence of wounds does not in any way indicates thatrepparttar 142818 victim is not harmed or is completely all right. Examples of these kind of injuries are those found inrepparttar 142819 head orrepparttar 142820 abdomen wherein symptoms are not readily manifested however victims still need to be accompanied to a secured place until professional help arrive.

In addition, victims of car accidents have to be examined in three areas and these arerepparttar 142821 airways, breathing and circulation areas. However, in cases wherein a victim suffers from a broken neck, first aid rule requires to refrain from mishandling or to moverepparttar 142822 victim since such injury may lead to a permanent disability. Onrepparttar 142823 other hand, it is much better to checkrepparttar 142824 airways first sincerepparttar 142825 lack of oxygen for more than three minutes can be fatal. Signs of airway obstruction are manifested byrepparttar 142826 color ofrepparttar 142827 lips, breathing sound and thenrepparttar 142828 feel of the

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