GPS Cell Phones

Written by Anne King

Motivated byrepparttar events of 9/11 2001 and problems with 911 calls from cellular phones,repparttar 150336 FCC requires that byrepparttar 150337 end of 2005 all cell phone carriers must be able to tracerepparttar 150338 location of cell phone calls to within a range of no more than 100 meters.

Cell phones are already available with GPS technology installed. These systems are notrepparttar 150339 same asrepparttar 150340 GPS devices used by hikers, mariners and drivers. Lower cost models do not allowrepparttar 150341 user to enter data such as mapping software. All systems require a wireless network.

Cell phones with GPS technology use AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Assisted becauserepparttar 150342 system uses both cell phone towers and satellites as location finders.

There are advantages and disadvantages inrepparttar 150343 new technology. The cost to implementrepparttar 150344 program will be passed on to consumers - cell phones will cost more. Privacy is a real concern withrepparttar 150345 general public especially in this day of identity theft. It is a concern that unknown people will be able to access your location. Also there is a possibility thatrepparttar 150346 spam you are flooded with on your home computer will now be sent to your cell phone.

Using GPS cell phones to track people has some great advantages. Locating kids and family can be a blessing. Remember though, if you try to locate someone who is out of your calling area, you will be charged extra.

The obvious benefit forrepparttar 150347 consumer isrepparttar 150348 issue of emergency aid and that wasrepparttar 150349 catalyst for this whole idea of GPS cell phones. A 911 call that can be quickly located, emergency roadside assistance, locating persons missing in remote areas,repparttar 150350 list goes on. If coverage is available then GPS cell phones save lives.


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