GOLDEN RING of Russia - Travel Guide, Part 2

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Sergiev Posad (founded in 1345, population 115,000) -repparttar spiritual center of Russia, residence ofrepparttar 143855 Patriarch ofrepparttar 143856 Russian Orthodox Church, whererepparttar 143857 remains ofrepparttar 143858 first national saint, Sergei Radonezh, rests. Inrepparttar 143859 heart of Sergiev Posad is a well-preserved splendid architectural ensemble of over 50 historical buildings, as well as magnificent art collections including old Russian painting andrepparttar 143860 treasures inrepparttar 143861 vaults ofrepparttar 143862 former Trinity Monastery.

Suzdal (founded in 1024, population 12,000) - this little quiet town is a real gem, one ofrepparttar 143863 most beautiful inrepparttar 143864 Golden Ring collection of citeis and towns. Inrepparttar 143865 11th century Suzdal becamerepparttar 143866 very first forepost of Christianity inrepparttar 143867 North-Eastern Russia and significantly affectedrepparttar 143868 religious life in Russia untilrepparttar 143869 end of 19 century. The town was destroyed by Mongols in 1238. Later Suzdal becamerepparttar 143870 capital city of Russian prince Yury Dolgoruky who is considered to berepparttar 143871 founder of Moscow. The second destruction ofrepparttar 143872 town came withrepparttar 143873 Polish invasion inrepparttar 143874 17th century. Here you can find over 100 church and secular buildings dating fromrepparttar 143875 mid-12th torepparttar 143876 mid-19th century crowded into a area of 9 square km.

Tutaev (founded in 1283, population 45,000) - is an old little town sprawling on both banks ofrepparttar 143877 Volga river. Tutaev (formerly known as Romanovo-Borisoglebsk) is divided byrepparttar 143878 Volga river into two parts. The former town Romanov is located onrepparttar 143879 left high bank ofrepparttar 143880 river,repparttar 143881 former town Borisoglebsk is onrepparttar 143882 right sloping one. Romanov was called afterrepparttar 143883 Russian prince Roman of Uglich who wasrepparttar 143884 founder of this town, Borisoglebsk got its name in connection withrepparttar 143885 Church of St. Boris and St. Gleb erected there inrepparttar 143886 15th century. The towns were united underrepparttar 143887 new name Romanovo-Borisoglebsk in 1822. In 1918repparttar 143888 town's name was changed to Tutaev in honour ofrepparttar 143889 Red Army hero who was killed duringrepparttar 143890 Civil war .

Uglich (founded in 937, population 38,000) -repparttar 143891 town was built on a major trade route. In its history Uglich has survived destruction byrepparttar 143892 Mongols and lived throughrepparttar 143893 devastation of fires and plagues. Uglich is famous for Russia's darkest secret -repparttar 143894 death of young Prince Dimitri, son of Ivanrepparttar 143895 Terrible who is often called Tsarevich (a heir torepparttar 143896 throne) Dmitry. The Tsarevich, a sickly boy, wasrepparttar 143897 last ofrepparttar 143898 Rurik dynasty. While playing with a knife inrepparttar 143899 yard he stabbed himself by accident or was stabbed by an assassin allegedly sent by Boris Godunov, his competitor forrepparttar 143900 throne. The center ofrepparttar 143901 town also is a historical and architectural landmark. The streets are wide, with various churches standing side by side alongrepparttar 143902 road. These churches vary in size and have domes and belfries of different shapes and designs, all of which add torepparttar 143903 charm of this small town. Uglich is known in Russia for simple-designed and reliable watches. The local factory, which makes beautiful women's watches decorated with special "Finift" paintings on porcelain which are incorporated intorepparttar 143904 bands ofrepparttar 143905 watches.

Vladimir (founded in 1108, population 400,000) - one ofrepparttar 143906 oldest Russian cities, was founded byrepparttar 143907 Russian Prince Vladimir Monomakh onrepparttar 143908 banks ofrepparttar 143909 Kliazma river. The city really blossomed inrepparttar 143910 12th century duringrepparttar 143911 reign of Prince Andrey Bogolubsky, who strengthened its defences, welcomed architects, icon-painters, jewellers from other countries, built new palaces and churches so magnificent that travelers compaired them withrepparttar 143912 ones inrepparttar 143913 "mother of all Russian cities"- Kiev. Untilrepparttar 143914 middle of 14th centuryrepparttar 143915 city had been an administrative, cultural and religious center for North-Eastern Russia. Duringrepparttar 143916 Mongol invasion inrepparttar 143917 13th century Vladimir was beseiged, looted and almost totally destroyed. Presentlyrepparttar 143918 city is a capital ofrepparttar 143919 Vladimir province.

Yaroslavl (founded in 1010, population 600,000 ) - asrepparttar 143920 legend goes it was founded byrepparttar 143921 famous Russian prince Yaroslavrepparttar 143922 Wise as a fortified settlement onrepparttar 143923 Volga river. After a huge fire of 1658 that turned most ofrepparttar 143924 city into ruins, Jaroslavl was rebuilt in stone and reachedrepparttar 143925 peak of its architectural development with palaces and churches richly decorated with beautiful frescoes and ornaments thus earningrepparttar 143926 title "Florence of Russia". The first Russian professional theater was established here by Volkov in 1750. Sincerepparttar 143927 18th century Jaroslavl has been an important industrial center. Today it is a quiet metropolitan city, one of Russia's largest regional centres, a capital ofrepparttar 143928 Jaroslav province and one ofrepparttar 143929 most beautiful cities of old Russia.

Nova Scotia: Cheap Living and Retirement in Canada's Hidden Paradise

Written by Phillip Townsend

A beautiful and inexpensive place in North America where oceanfront and lakeside lots can be had for as little as $10,000 (or a charming 3-bedroom home on several acres can be yours for under $50,000). Sound like a dream? It's not. This slice of Heaven does exist. Nestled inrepparttar North Atlantic on Canada's east coast, Nova Scotia is a little-known paradise steeped in Scottish, Irish and English history. Forrepparttar 143804 potential expatriate or retiree, Nova Scotia has a lot to real estate, a low cost of living, unspoiled natural environment, friendly people and lifestyle opportunities to suit virtually every taste. Coastal property prices are amongrepparttar 143805 lowest in North America and withrepparttar 143806 local government rolling outrepparttar 143807 red carpet to newcomers, it hasrepparttar 143808 potential to become North America’s next great retirement haven.

Nova Scotia has long been a favorite escape for savvy Canadians and Europeans, yet few Americans live or retire in this secretive outpost. Why? Well, perhaps it's because Nova Scotia isn't a destination you stumble across by accident. Almost completely surrounded by water, it lies hidden betweenrepparttar 143809 Atlantic Ocean,repparttar 143810 Bay of Fundy,repparttar 143811 Northumberland Strait, andrepparttar 143812 Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Canada’s second-smallest province (21,425 square miles), Nova Scotia is about halfrepparttar 143813 size of Pennsylvania with a population of just under 1 million people. Its craggy 4,600-mile coastline is dotted with quaint fishing villages, lighthouses and working seaports. Over 3,800 islands lie off its shores (some are for sale);repparttar 143814 largest being Cape Breton, which is nearly a quarter size of mainland Nova Scotia. Most of Nova Scotia’s population is concentrated alongrepparttar 143815 coast. The largest city isrepparttar 143816 capital, Halifax, in which about 40% ofrepparttar 143817 province’s population lives (much ofrepparttar 143818 interior is heavily forested and sparsely populated). The area's most famous part-time residents are Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Roger Moore, and Alan Arkin, all of whom have summer homes here.

Liverepparttar 143819 Good Life...stress free Nova Scotia is one of those places that can seduce you through its sheer natural beauty. The seemingly endless stretches of picturesque coastline, a lush green countryside,repparttar 143820 beautiful colors of autumn, andrepparttar 143821 friendliness of its people, make it one ofrepparttar 143822 most livable places in North America. Nova Scotia has a bit of something for everyone: old-world European architecture, everything is close torepparttar 143823 water, New England-style charm, great restaurants and leisure opportunities, and slow-paced towns that haven't changed much sincerepparttar 143824 19th Century, where fishing and enjoyingrepparttar 143825 outdoors is a way of life. The climate is another plus. Summer temperatures range fromrepparttar 143826 mid 60s torepparttar 143827 low 80s, withrepparttar 143828 winters being much milder (with less snow) that you'd expect to see north ofrepparttar 143829 border. Likerepparttar 143830 United States, Canada has a fully democratic system that respects individual rights and freedoms. In fact, Canada has some ofrepparttar 143831 strictest personal and financial privacy laws inrepparttar 143832 world.

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