Written by Bob Leduc

Prospects buy from you because they want to enjoyrepparttar benefits produced by your product or service. Their desire for those benefits makes them want to believe everything you tell them. But skepticism makes them reluctant to buy. When their skepticism is greater than their desire -- you lose repparttar 127384 sale.

You can get more sales from prospects by reducing their feeling of skepticism -- AND by increasing their desire for your benefits. Here's how...


Your prospects bought things inrepparttar 127385 past that didn't produce repparttar 127386 promised results. It's natural for them to be skeptical of your offers and promises. Here are 2 techniques you can use to overcome their skepticism.

1. Eliminate Risk

The main cause of your prospect's skepticism is their fear of loss. They don't want to risk losing money if your product or service doesn't producerepparttar 127387 results they expect. You can eliminate that fear by guaranteeing their satisfaction. Offer to refundrepparttar 127388 buyer's money if they don't getrepparttar 127389 results you promise.

A money back guarantee is a powerful sales tool. But it may not be practical for you if you sell a service. You can't recover allrepparttar 127390 time and labor you already invested in a job. Instead of a money back guarantee, provide a guarantee to continue performing services until your customer is satisfied withrepparttar 127391 results. This eliminates your customer's fear of loss without creating a big risk for you.

2. Provide Proof -- Include Testimonials

Another powerful tool you can use to overcome your prospect's skepticism is testimonials from satisfied customers. They provide evidence that you lived up to your promises inrepparttar 127392 past. Testimonials promote your prospect's confidence in you and inrepparttar 127393 claims you make about your product or service.

Selling With Principles -- NOT Plungers

Written by Joe Bingham

For most of us, selling is against our natures. We were taught as children to be polite, courteous, and respecting of others. (Well, at least some of us were anyway.) The problem is, selling seems to go against those principles. Notice I said selling 'seems' to go againstrepparttar polite, courteous side of ourselves. In actuality, however, only bad salesmanship is overly aggressive, obtrusive, and just plain not nice. However, if your just starting out, it can be difficult to find a way to make your point and offer your product without feeling like you're right up in someone's face with a toilet plunger shoving it down their throat. If any of you ever meet me in person, you'll most likely be surprised at repparttar 127383 way I am. I'm actually not real talkative, at least not to start with. (That's very much opposite of my writing nature, isn't it?). It takes me a while to open up and let my grandpa's genetics take over and start rambling on. That's with personal issues, however. When it comes to selling, I'm learning to open more immediately and connect with people. It's important to contact and connect immediately. Why? Because if you don't, there will be 912 other people who will slip in

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