Written by Oscar Bruce

Genny Lloyd watched open-mouthed as Glenn Holloway came barreling throughrepparttar room almost at a run, his face beet- red, his expensive jacket slung over his shoulder like an old sweatshirt, and clearly so furious he didn't even knowrepparttar 102095 others were there. When he disappeared into his corner office with a thunderous slam ofrepparttar 102096 door, Genny looked around and asked wonderingly, "What on earth was THAT all about?"

"That," saidrepparttar 102097 man next to her, "was aboutrepparttar 102098 fact that Oscar has once again wipedrepparttar 102099 floor with him in a meeting. He can't stand it - he always acts like that afterward. You'll get used to it."

Genny was puzzled. "Hasn't Glenn been here longer than Oscar Bruce?" Sure, and that's why it makes Glenn so mad when Oscar pulls off one of these coups. Our fearless leader will spend weeks getting a presentation ready, making sure it's perfect. And then he has to sit there while Oscar just "wings it" effortlessly. Then whenrepparttar 102100 time comes to vote,repparttar 102101 votes go to Oscar. You can always tell when he's come out of one of those."

Don't Panic If You Forget

Written by Ron Sathoff

One ofrepparttar worst fears that public speakers have is that they will forget their speech. I'm sure none of us would want to feelrepparttar 102094 embarrassment of standing in front of an audience not knowing what to say next.

If you do happen to experience a "memory blank" in your speech, there are some things that you should keep in mind. First, DON'T PANIC! The worst thing you can do is to get upset and immediately start apologizing torepparttar 102095 audience or going "UM UM UM" over and over again.

Instead of panicking, just remain quiet, keep eye contact withrepparttar 102096 audience, and try to remember what it was that you were going to say. What may seem an eternity to you will only be a second or two torepparttar 102097 audience, and your loss of memory will only seem like a pause to them -- as long as you don't announce that you've made a mistake.

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