Written by Bob Leduc

Postcards can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site and they can generate a large number of sales leads for you. They're highly effective, easy to use and cost very little.


Avoid postcards that look like a magazine ad printed on a card. You'll get a bigger response if you keep your message brief and format your postcard to look like a personal message. Your prospect can't resist reading a postcard formatted this way for several reasons.

1. It's delivered already opened and ready to read. 2. The message is brief and easy to read. 3. It looks like a personal message.

Personal message postcards are also effective for business to business promotions. "Gatekeepers" who screenrepparttar incoming mail in many business and professional offices will usually pass them through to your prospect. And becauserepparttar 127528 postcard is smaller thanrepparttar 127529 other mail it's usually put on top ofrepparttar 127530 boss's mail pile. That almost guarantees your prospect will read it.

I've used these postcards successfully for everything from developing customer leads to recruiting senior executives. They always produce a big response for a very low cost.


You'll getrepparttar 127531 maximum number of responses to your postcards by following three simple guidelines:

1. Personalizerepparttar 127532 message on your postcard. Include a date and a greeting like you would in a letter. You can use "Dear Kim" when you know your recipient's name or something like "Dear Homeowner" or "Hello Doctor" when you don't.

2. Keep your message brief. Don't clutter your postcard with too many words or your prospect won't read it. The most effective postcard announces one major benefit and asksrepparttar 127533 recipient to take an action to get more details. For example:

Harnessing the Power of Testimonials

Written by Angela Wu

Let's say you want to take your spouse out to a nice restaurant. You readrepparttar 'dining' column of your local newspaper, and ask family or friends for recommendations.

What they're doing is 'endorsing' a restaurant: 'That wasrepparttar 127527 BEST scampi I've ever had!' is a testimonial to how deliciousrepparttar 127528 food was. You consider their recommendations because they've *had experience* with what you're looking for.

The same principle works online. Glowing testimonials from happy customers can be a powerful enticement to prospective customers. Similarly, a personal endorsement from you can have a significant impact on your sales. Here are a few tips on how to use testimonials ...

=== Send a personally endorsed ad to your newsletter subscribers. Your loyal subscribers know you and trust you. You can use this for any type of product, whether it's your own, a colleague's, or an affiliate product. Remember to be selective about what you endorse; you're putting your name to it. Try sending a solo ad to your list and comparerepparttar 127529 results against an endorsement in your editorial space.

=== Buy a solo ad from an editor - and use his or her testimonial withinrepparttar 127530 ad. This may help to increase response rates, sincerepparttar 127531 readers (hopefully) know and trust their editor. One way to get a testimonial from her is to provide her with a free copy of your product and ask her to review it. If she likes it, she'll let you know. If she doesn't, then at least you'll get some constructive feedback.

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