Furry & Feathered Friends In Need Of Help

Written by Melody Schubert

Many animals fortunate enough to have owners are provided shelter fromrepparttar frigid temperatures outdoors, which have dropped so low recently. Those animals which are homeless may find a caring resident inrepparttar 140685 community who will take them in or set food out. Others find shelter fromrepparttar 140686 brutal temperatures wherever they can. Winters icy grip may last for several more weeks, butrepparttar 140687 community has reached out with warmth and compassion to help care for some furry & feathered friends.

A caring family in our community offered homeless animals shelter and food, butrepparttar 140688 task of caring for so many animals can be an overwhelming responsibility. Althoughrepparttar 140689 Morgan County Humane Society faces this fact each day, they offered their assistance.

In Martinsville, Indiana, The Morgan County Humane Society faced a critical situation, but not alone. Residents inrepparttar 140690 community came out to offer their help and financial support whenrepparttar 140691 shelter took in 68 dogs and 23 cats. People brought food, blankets, while other residents offered to be foster homes forrepparttar 140692 animals until their adoptions could be arranged. Area Veterinarians also provided examinations forrepparttar 140693 animals, some of which needed medical attention. During this timerepparttar 140694 Morgan County Humane Society also arranged shelter for 10 birds, 1 horse, 2 miniature horses, and 3 ponies. Each yearrepparttar 140695 local shelter cares for hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens until they're adopted.

The staff makes arrangements for animals to receive medical attention, including spaying and neutering to prevent overpopulation in our community. They also feed, groom, and keeprepparttar 140696 kennels and cages clean, among other daily chores. Caring for so many animals is a constant challenge forrepparttar 140697 staff. Those inrepparttar 140698 community who have volunteered their time and donations to assistrepparttar 140699 shelter are greatly appreciated. With allrepparttar 140700 animals taken in daily though more help is still needed.

New Book Helps Worried Owners Of A Pregnant Cat

Written by Cat Pregnancy Report

ĎHelp, my cat is pregnant and I donít know what to do!í Not a day goes by without someone posting this message to an Internet forum.

Worried cat owners will know what to do if they read How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat. This new publication is one ofrepparttar first English-language books in many years exclusively on cat pregnancy.

The author, journalist and long-time cat lover Marc de Jong, isrepparttar 140498 owner of www.cat-pregnancy-report.com. This web site started in August 2004 and quickly established itself as a very popular site.

"Before I started my site, it was quite difficult to find a comprehensive guide onrepparttar 140499 Net about pregnancy in cats", says de Jong. "Many cat sites and forums tell owners only to spay their cat and almost flame people to death if they say their cat got pregnant. Of course they are right when they say thereís an overpopulation of cats. However, itís also a fact that millions of cats do get pregnant unplanned. If you donít tell their owners what to do and what to expect, you can endangerrepparttar 140500 life of these cats."

Marc de Jong received dozens of e-mails from worried cat owners since he started his site. "Questions were often so detailed that I had to do a lot of research to answer them. The information I gathered was so valuable that I wanted to share it with all cat lovers."

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