Fundraising Tips 101

Written by Brooklynn Anderson

You know that you would like to have a fundraiser for your organization or school to raise funds, but know what? This fundraising article will help you plan out your fundraiser so that it is easy for you!

Tip One: What are your fundraising needs? This isrepparttar most important question you need to ask yourself so that you will know what your specific fundraising goals are.

Some questions you should consider:

How much money do you hope to raise from your fundraiser?

How many approximate people with be involved inrepparttar 138316 fundraiser?

When will it start?

How long will you have your fundraiser? You will want to make sure you are giving yourself enough time to wrap uprepparttar 138317 fundraiser and haverepparttar 138318 money you need on time.

Do you have enough volunteers to help withrepparttar 138319 fundraiser? If this is your first fundraiser you might want to give yourself some extra time should run into any problems or delays.

Ganoderma - The "Miracle Herb"- Can It Help You?

Written by Terry Dunn

Let us see if Ganoderma which has been discribed asrepparttar "miracle herb" can help you with your health regime.

Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that has been know torepparttar 138244 far east for thousands of years for its meraculous medicinal properties.

These mushrooms are regarded as "Spirit Medicine" byrepparttar 138245 Chinese as they are amongrepparttar 138246 most powerful herbs in Asia.

Chinese medicine has used Ganoderma for over 4000 years and was highly prized as an elixir of immortality.

Research has been done by both Chinese and Western scholars in recent years and with analysis and clinical experiments done by colleges, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers its potency is finally coming to light.

So how can Ganoderma help you?

Well here is a list of what Ganoderma can do for you!

* It an anti-inflammatory * detixicant * diuretic * liver protector * increases energy levels * intestine regulator * increases libido * helps with sleep disorders * cardiotonic * blood pressure * antitussive * hemocatheresisis and expectorant * tranquillizer * helps protect against tumor activity

Ganoderma is a traditional tonic used to nourish,tonify and supplementrepparttar 138247 whole body as it removes toxins and disperses accumulation.

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