Fun & Money In E-Media

Written by Susan James

There's lots of stuff onrepparttar Internet about making money; and lots of folks Marketing Different products and services. I'm only addressing folks who write books, and many ofrepparttar 129672 questions that come from those folks on making money with their books and usingrepparttar 129673 Internet as a Primary Tool.

I write from experience and not theory. I am having fun and I am making money. I use all ofrepparttar 129674 tools ofrepparttar 129675 Internet that are easy for me to use. If they are too hard for me then I don't use them, and I don't try to teachrepparttar 129676 hard stuff to myself.

I will tell you this: If you have written a book, then you have to be willing to expand outside of just your book. If you want to have fun and make money by usingrepparttar 129677 Internet as your Primary vehicle of creating your information as well as promoting it, you must expand outside of your book.

If you get stuck in *I wrote this great book* and your primary product is that book, then most likely your attitude is that you are hoping to be discovered. That can happen. But inrepparttar 129678 meantime, you might want to have some fun and make some money, instead of staying stuck onrepparttar 129679 hopes that you will be discovered.

Waiting to be discovered is almost like you wanting to meet mr or mrs prince charming, by not leaving your house, despiterepparttar 129680 many opportunities you are asked to go out ofrepparttar 129681 house.

You stay inrepparttar 129682 house withrepparttar 129683 notion that prince charming is just going to knock on your door, when you have put no energy out there for that to actually happen.

I have not once said: *I am writing a book to be famous.* *What I have said, is I intend on being a Web Based Multimillionaire.* That has put me onrepparttar 129684 potential path of that happening. But it is happening with more than *a book*. I began with 2 newsletters, when I did not know whatrepparttar 129685 heck I was doing. Those 2 newsletters have grown into 3 ebooks and 2 Paperback books, soon to be 3, with more coming. Money comes to me from that. The newsletters and books were all created electronically and all business for them was conducted overrepparttar 129686 Internet before I ever had a paper copy of anything. All electronic.

Also I do Personal Assistance Stuff and folks pay me money for that. I also do online courses and folks pay me money for that. I also do tons of free stuff.


Written by Cantara Christopher

This list is slanted toward creative writing, such as fiction and personal essays, although many of these publications also call for articles, graphics, poetry, or other material. A well-written story or essay that adheres to their guidelines is likelier to be accepted, and more quickly.

Put yourself inrepparttar place ofrepparttar 129670 editor. Forrepparttar 129671 editor,repparttar 129672 zine itself isrepparttar 129673 creation,repparttar 129674 work of art: What she or he chooses to include inrepparttar 129675 zine displays this artistry. Especially whenrepparttar 129676 guidelines are vague or unspecific (“high-quality fiction and non-fiction” for example) it is important to read some ofrepparttar 129677 workrepparttar 129678 zine has already published. When literary journals were exclusively in print,repparttar 129679 rule of thumb was three issues. Now with most online publications, you haverepparttar 129680 advantage of being able to read their entire archives.

Editors keep reminding writers to weed out bad grammar and incorrect spelling in their manuscripts, and they mean it. So watch your grammar! Correct your spelling and punctuation! Mistakes in these areas continue to be big turnoffs. It’s tempting to get lazy when all you have to do is paste your work inrepparttar 129681 body of an email. Just remember who’s onrepparttar 129682 receiving end.

Another turnoff—the major turnoff, in fact—are submissions that don’t fall within guidelines. When a publication states “no poetry” they mean it. And when they state “up to 3,000 words” don’t send them a 4,000-word story you’re sure will knock their socks off. It won’t.

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