Fun and Easy Baby Shower Crafts

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby shower crafts can be fun and easy to make. Here are some practical ideas to make sure your baby shower is a huge success. All you need is a little money, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of heart. These baby craft ideas are perfect for any baby shower.

There are all kinds of baby shower craft ideas, ranging from simple and inexpensive to elaborate and time-consuming. You can chooserepparttar project that is right for you based on your budget andrepparttar 145152 amount of planning and preparation time you have. Baby shower Crafts can made beforerepparttar 145153 baby shower or duringrepparttar 145154 baby shower. Again, it is up to you, but here are some things you might want to consider.

A fun baby shower craft idea to do duringrepparttar 145155 baby shower is to personalize baby gifts as they are opened. Of course, be surerepparttar 145156 babyís name is set in stone before you begin this one! All you need to do these baby shower crafts is a variety of color fabric paint pens bought at any craft supply store.

For instance, whenrepparttar 145157 mother opens a baby shower gift,repparttar 145158 most artistic one inrepparttar 145159 group can decoratively writerepparttar 145160 babyís name onrepparttar 145161 side ofrepparttar 145162 baby shower gift. Be sure to check withrepparttar 145163 mother and see if she is interested in this idea. This can save her time, as most baby shower gifts will need to be labeled anyway. Certain baby shower gifts may not be appropriate for labeling; use your best judgment. Also, some drying time may need to be allowed. Take care to prevent smudging!

Another great baby shower craft idea for involving an older brother or sister is to have him or her paint a picture or write a short baby poem or letter forrepparttar 145164 new baby. When finished, this project framed and matted simply becomes one ofrepparttar 145165 most meaningful baby shower gifts, no matter how artistically done. The older sibling will feel pride in their part of welcoming their new baby brother or sister. Hang or display in a prominent place inrepparttar 145166 babyís nursery. A baby themed comic collection is another great baby shower craft idea to help lightenrepparttar 145167 rough days. Baby shower crafts of this kind takes a little more time and preparation, but what an enjoyable collection when finished!

Enlist others to help hunt downrepparttar 145168 best and funniest baby themed comics around. Check out magazines and newspapers. Display in a scrapbook or on a poster atrepparttar 145169 baby shower. Decorate with any appropriate baby trinkets, and be sure to stick withrepparttar 145170 baby shower theme. Who doesnít like a good laugh? And no one will need one more than a new mother after sheís had several sleepless nights and lots of dirty diapers to change!

One Manís Brush With Bankruptcy

Written by Eric Chavez

Having gone through a bankruptcy 7 years ago, I'm still feelingrepparttar shockwaves of that fateful event inrepparttar 145151 form of higher interests rates when I apply for loans, and living withrepparttar 145152 whole stigma that bankruptcy places on you.

It was 1990. I was a freshman in college. Walking through campus, I'd be bombarded with credit card offers on a daily basis. One day I though, "why not?" I got my first credit card.

$500 to do what I want, who can beat that? The problem was, that it was so easy to apply for credit cards I ended up applying for all of them, or so it seemed. Actually, I had at least 5, and soon enough, they were all maxed out.

And then I bought a car, which only added to my mounting debt.

Fast-forward 7 years. I had amassed a serious debt, and I didnít even have a decent paying job to keep up. It was an overwhelming experience, to sayrepparttar 145153 least, and inrepparttar 145154 end I decided that bankruptcy wasrepparttar 145155 only option.

They make it so easy to declare bankruptcy these days. The lawyers and their commercials tell you how low cost it is, and how simple. Just go into their office, fill out some paperwork, pay them their check, show up to court, and youíre done.

Itísrepparttar 145156 aftermath they donít tell you aboutóthe shame,repparttar 145157 guilt,repparttar 145158 disgrace that it places on you,repparttar 145159 inability to get decent rates on credit cards and loans, or even rent an apartment.

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