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Written by Phil Clelland

Internet Success Stories are becoming more common place than you might think and they are not all dominated by big businesses. However, big businesses are moving their promotions ontorepparttar net in a big way.

The Internet has undeniably beenrepparttar 117888 saving grace forrepparttar 117889 economy particularly for small business. This new environment we know asrepparttar 117890 World Wide Web is responsible for creating more Millionaires faster and easier than anything that came before it.

I am fortunate to haverepparttar 117891 opportunity to speak with many successful Internet business owners and have learned a great deal from them. I want to bring to your attention something that seems to be a recurring thought behind these successful sites.

Fulfill An Unmet Need.

It makes perfect sense to try to avoid competition. If you arerepparttar 117892 first, orrepparttar 117893 only one fulfilling a need then your chances of success are much better. Developing a web site is no different than developing a product. Would you sell a product no one wants..NO. Why then would someone develop a site that no one is interested in.

A great piece of advice given to me from a very successful web master who made over 3 million last year selling tools onrepparttar 117894 internet was this. "Identify a need within a niche that is not currently being fulfilled or is being fulfilled very poorly. I would try to figure out how to fulfill that need better than anyone else. I would then decide if I could make any money at it".

A good example of this is Ray Owens from JokeaDay.com. Starting with very little capital Ray had a vision to create a humor mailing list that has now grown to over 300,000 making itrepparttar 117895 largest inrepparttar 117896 world.

Ray, powered by his sense of humor met a need that was virtually wide open. He then found a way to make money by selling ad space in his popular zine and web site. Ray now enjoys a lifestyle that many of us may only dream of.

10 formulas for winning products every time!

Written by Pam Renovato

Every one marketing onrepparttar Internet needs their own product that will earn them 100% ofrepparttar 117887 profits. While you can easily buyrepparttar 117888 rights to different types of products that will allow you full ownership- it is more cost effective and more rewarding to create your own.

This is not difficult to do. The only real requirements for your product is that it serve a purpose and solve a problem. I am sure you have heardrepparttar 117889 advice "Just write what you know". That is good advice but may still leave you wondering where to begin. Here are a few quick formulas that will lead you inrepparttar 117890 right direction.

1. The Tips booklet. Everyone wants to learn to do something quicker, more efficiently, or in a way that will help them avoid all ofrepparttar 117891 mistakes created before them. Include 25 tips on a popular subject that will help them do just that. For instance: "25 Tips to _________"

2. The Spinoffs. If you have already created a product or have read a product that you thought left something out. Create a spin off. For instance: Suppose you have purchased an ebook titled "Marketing your product with Search Engines" There are many other ways market yourself. Your product might become "Marketing your product with ezines" or "Marketing your product with free ebooks".

3. The Q and A. For every subject out there is someone that needs to learn it. Compilerepparttar 117892 25 most frequently asked questions andrepparttar 117893 answers to them. For instance: "Answers torepparttar 117894 25 most asked questions on web design".

4. The Interview. This is always a winner. Everyone wants to learnrepparttar 117895 secrets from someone who has already accomplished something that they wish to accomplish. Create a list of 10-20 questions regarding a certain topic. Then approach 5-10 people who are already successful in that arena. Publish their answers.

5. Creating Bundles. This is relatively easy. Suppose you have written a HTML authoring tutorial. Create a Java script authoring tutorial, packagerepparttar 117896 two together and you now have a web authoring tutorial.

6. Bookmarks. We all have a great deal of bookmarks that we have collected. I have bookmarks ranging from automotive repair to recipes for pork chops. But many of my bookmarks consist ofrepparttar 117897 same topic. Compile and organize your bookmarks in a way that makes sense -add your thoughts, experiences, and opinions onrepparttar 117898 bookmark provided and you have a winning product!

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