Frugal Menu Planning--Getting Started

Written by Cyndi Roberts

Getting started making a plan for a week's worth of meals can surely be a bit daunting at first. It need not be complicated--though a little bit of time spent planning will be well worth it!

A good way to start is by looking at what you already have on hand -- sort of taking a visual inventory.

Next,it's helpful to list on a piece of paper, allrepparttar meals forrepparttar 140672 coming week. For example, list allrepparttar 140673 days, then Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.

On this list of meals, write down a main dish and a couple of side dishes that you want to make, keeping in mind what staples are on hand inrepparttar 140674 cupboard and inrepparttar 140675 freezer. Try to come up with as many meals as you can with what you have on hand.

Remember to write down some ofrepparttar 140676 extras you think you might like to make duringrepparttar 140677 coming week -- such as cookies, snacks or desserts.

Always keeprepparttar 140678 ads fromrepparttar 140679 local grocery store handy and plan meals aroundrepparttar 140680 weekly specials, if possible. Don't just think about main dishes; if bananas are on sale, make banana bread for snacks, or lunches, for example.

Command Performance at Commanderís Palace in Las Vegas

Written by Kriss Hammond

Command Performance at Commanderís Palace in Las Vegas

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One of Mark Twainís finest novels is ďLife on The Mississippi", chronicling his younger days piloting ó steamboatiní onrepparttar Mighty Miss. Originally, Twain was on his way torepparttar 140517 Amazon River to create a epic about riverboat life in Brazil, but obviously Emile Commanderís restaurant atrepparttar 140518 corner of Washington Avenue and Coliseum Street, inrepparttar 140519 Creole Garden District of New Orleansí Vieux Cŗrre, or French Quarter, convinced him to stay.

Sincerepparttar 140520 1880s when Louisiana officially joinedrepparttar 140521 Union, Commanderís Palace has been inrepparttar 140522 same location and still operating, serving such celebrated diners as Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Butrepparttar 140523 locals still love their fine dining establishment as much asrepparttar 140524 tourists. The land it sits on at one time was part ofrepparttar 140525 J.F.E Livaudois Plantation andrepparttar 140526 Faubourg of Lafayette. The plantation grew into becoming New Orleans, and by 1900 Commanderís Palace was attracting gourmands from all overrepparttar 140527 world.

Duringrepparttar 140528 Roaring Twentiesrepparttar 140529 wild rivertown was known to be a little spicier, with riverboat captains frequentingrepparttar 140530 Prohibition (ahem . . . Bourbon please) restaurant, and even high society dining inrepparttar 140531 private salon upstairs (with separate entrance).

It took 125 years for Commanderís Palace to jump overrepparttar 140532 Rockies and land in Las Vegas, but it did, with a great location onrepparttar 140533 Strip inrepparttar 140534 Aladdin Hotel and Casino, withinrepparttar 140535 Desert Passage Shopping Mall.

In 1944, Frank and Elinor Moran bought Commanderís Palace, and carried on its tradition of excellence with an expanded menu, including many recipes still used today in both Commander locations.

In 1974, Ella, Dottie, Dick, and John Brenan supervisedrepparttar 140536 restaurant and they gaverepparttar 140537 old landmark an overhaul with redesigned rooms, seating indoors that complementedrepparttar 140538 outdoors garden setting, all planned for a light, breezy ambiance.

The Las Vegas Commanderís Palace is trimmed in dark woods, andrepparttar 140539 entrance opens up into a room that is a little Arabesque in height and style and subtle lighting ó well of course, you are atrepparttar 140540 Aladdin! Dining was certainly casual, and then I noticedrepparttar 140541 immense Persian rum hanging onrepparttar 140542 wall.

Crisp linens and quick service with intelligent wait staff makes this a happening winner. I couldnít get in for Motherís Day butrepparttar 140543 following Sunday was Jazz Brunch at noon (every Sunday is Jazz Brunch at noon).

Sharath, our captain, has an advanced degree inrepparttar 140544 Culinary Arts in Switzerland, and while traveling with his India ambassador father polished his food presentation skills as smooth as teak on a steamer deck.

From our gabled window perchrepparttar 140545 blue Nevada sky stretched torepparttar 140546 mountains. So before I fork on over to tell you aboutrepparttar 140547 dining, letís talk about Commanderís Palace Las Vegas awards:

Winner of Best Restaurant onrepparttar 140548 Strip Las Vegas Life Epicurean Awards

Winner of Best Restaurant ofrepparttar 140549 Year Taste of Las Vegas

Winner of Best Service Las Vegas Life Epicurean Awards

Winner of Best New Restaurant onrepparttar 140550 Strip Las Vegas Life Epicurean Awards

Voted Best New Restaurant Taste of L as Vegas

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