Frosty Adventures at Trader Joe’s (Part I.)

Written by Paul Rinehart

I was never a big fan of frozen foods, no matter how convenient they might be. That all changedrepparttar first time I walked into a Trader Joe’s. I was amazed atrepparttar 150508 selection andrepparttar 150509 quality ofrepparttar 150510 vegetables,repparttar 150511 seafood, and evenrepparttar 150512 chicken. Ideas started running through my head and I began to put into concoct a recipe. One such recipe is below.

Chicken with Pineapple and Edamame

For those of you who do not know what edamame (pronounced “Ed a ma may”) is: Edamame is a green soy bean, harvested atrepparttar 150513 height of ripening just right before it reaches its hardened state. You should try them boiled in their pods and sprinkled with salt—very delicious.

Ingredients (serves two):

Two chicken breasts (Trader Joe’s sells frozen ones in a big bag, be sure to let them thaw completely)

Soy Sauce to taste

Fresh Ginger, grated (a piecerepparttar 150514 size ofrepparttar 150515 top of your thumb would probably be a good start)

½ cup of diced pineapple (Trader Joe’s sells this too. Let this thaw before cooking with it)

½ cup shelled Edamame (Trader Joe’s sells these with bothrepparttar 150516 shells on andrepparttar 150517 shells off)

Pepper to taste

Prepare a marinade by pour some soy sauce into a bowl and addingrepparttar 150518 grated ginger. Choprepparttar 150519 chicken breasts into cubes and place intorepparttar 150520 marinade. Season with pepper. Set aside for at least 15 minutes to letrepparttar 150521 flavor soak in.

Blue Cheese Omnivorous

Written by Bryan Applegate


Romaine Lettuce (head $1.29) 1 pound of steak ($10 per pound) 1 box of colorful pasta ($1.03 Blue’s Clues because my inner child sways me at times.) 1 red pepper ($2.62) Blue Cheese dressing ($2.43) ½ pound block of blue cheese ($3.79 optional ingredient)

*Save money everywhere but in buyingrepparttar meat. Cheap meat is too tough for this.

Wash and shred lettuce. Put it inrepparttar 150507 refrigerator so that it remains cold and crispy at serving time.

Then, cook pasta until tender but not downright floppy. We wantrepparttar 150508 pasta to be somewhat cooler, so in this instance, it’s okay to rinse it off with cool water a little bit so it no longer steams.

Meanwhile, cut steak into slices and sear with salt and pepper. Do this in a shallow pan and a tablespoon of oil inrepparttar 150509 pan. Asrepparttar 150510 meat cooks, toss it around a bit. When it starts sticking torepparttar 150511 pan, you’re done in thirty seconds.

Asrepparttar 150512 steak finishes, wash and halfrepparttar 150513 red pepper. Faux roast a half on an electric range or carefully roast a half on a gas stove so thatrepparttar 150514 outside is dark and toasty. Whilerepparttar 150515 pepper can still keep its shape, remove it carefully fromrepparttar 150516 heat and slice lengthwise. It’s a lovely and tasty garnish with dramatic flair during cooking!

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