Froogle – What is it good for?

Written by Ed Kohler

Have you been to Froogle yet? It’s a new product search engine from Google. It’s actually existed for almost a year now, but it only went live as a link from Google’s homepage inrepparttar past month. It's quite possiblyrepparttar 128280 greatest online marketing tool for retailers ever invented.

What is Froogle?

Froogle is a product specific search engine that indexes catalogs of online retailers and compilesrepparttar 128281 information for their users. Search for DVD Players, and you’ll come up with 37,000 options as of this writing. You can then filter down to DVD Players between $200-300 and still have 581 choices. Want a DVD/VCR combo? Add VCR torepparttar 128282 search query to filter down to 209 options, and then sort by price with one click.

That should explainrepparttar 128283 power of this program for consumers, but how do retailers makerepparttar 128284 most out of this by getting in front of their prospective customers forrepparttar 128285 products they sell?

The Froogle Feed

While Froogle will likely visit your catalog, index it, and addrepparttar 128286 products to their search engine,repparttar 128287 better way to go is to send Froogle a data feed. This is basically a text file listing your product names, descriptions, pricing information, images, andrepparttar 128288 URL of each product within your cart. This will help Froogle accurately serve your cart's products with up to date pricing..

Your PC can contribute with Google Compute

Written by Jakob Jelling

Have you heard ofrepparttar SETI Project? SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, andrepparttar 128279 project is operated byrepparttar 128280 University of California at Berkeley. SETI monitors and processes radio signals from space, looking for possible signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life. SETI uses proprietary software to distribute computer processing power among all connected PCs participating in SETI project so thatrepparttar 128281 radio signals can be processed faster and more efficiently. SETI effectively creates one big supercomputer from thousands of connected PCs across their network. Now users ofrepparttar 128282 Google Toolbar can contribute to scientific research in muchrepparttar 128283 same way, through Google Compute.

Google has teamed with Folding@home for their first project. This research organization is non-profit and based at Stanford University. They use participants' combined computing power to analyzerepparttar 128284 genetic structure of proteins for medical research.

Once installed torepparttar 128285 Google Toolbar, Google Compute can be disabled easily at any time. While enabled, it will use your computer's otherwise idle time to process computing work assigned to it automatically from Folding@home, then automatically transfer results back to Folding@home when complete.

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