From Orphans to Royalty

Written by Joyce C. Lock

The first time I read Ezekiel 16, I cried allrepparttar way through it. It's a story of God's heart, as a betrayed husband; with every jealousy, hurt, rage, or emotion felt by humans.

Yet, whenever we're hurting, few consider if they're doingrepparttar 126908 same things to God. Whether spiritually, literally, or both perhaps each of us have once been such a person who betrayed God.

Just as dust returns to dust, blood returns to blood (vs. 22, 36), "tillrepparttar 126909 pride of man be broken (vs.15) and we're ready to accept God's way (vs. 55) - whatever that may be. And, just when you see your blood for what it is and you're ready to acceptrepparttar 126910 punishment you know you deserve, God reaches down and loves you in ways you never dream; restoring you to a better position than you ever had before (vs. 60-63).

Christians, the Minority

Written by Joyce C. Lock

It was recently published thatrepparttar Christian Community is taking overrepparttar 126907 net. I thought, "Yes! It's about time they noticed!"

But, sadly, another report came. It said that Christians have usedrepparttar 126908 Internet to single-handedly restorerepparttar 126909 love for poetry. But, it has not reachedrepparttar 126910 lost world.

Perhaps,repparttar 126911 Christian Community becamerepparttar 126912 minority because of our own doing. We were called to be inrepparttar 126913 world, without being likerepparttar 126914 world, to be a testimony inrepparttar 126915 midst of them - not to separate from opportunity to minister torepparttar 126916 world (Philippians 2:15), except inrepparttar 126917 event of an evil we need to personally get away from. How can they, otherwise, hear?

Scripture makes reference to sowing beside all waters, Isaiah 32:20.

A way that applies for writers is to submit writings to whomever is interested (the highways and byways ofrepparttar 126918 Internet), withrepparttar 126919 exception of X-rated sites. The only reason for eliminating those is because writings would be perverted, wherein God wouldn't getrepparttar 126920 glory. Though, we can still sow beside those waters, without going inside. Go torepparttar 126921 highways and hedges, where others dare not trod.

One way writers can compel them, viarepparttar 126922 Internet, is to include a link to more of their writings, which will draw some to where they can further be ministered. Utilizing your talents, you might have other ideas.

There is neither Jew or Greek, bond or free ... red, yellow, black or white ... Protestant, Catholic, Indian, Hindu ... they're all trying to find their way to God. All things were created by Him and for Him. Our God isrepparttar 126923 God ofrepparttar 126924 corn, ofrepparttar 126925 wheat, ofrepparttar 126926 rain ...repparttar 126927 one in whom all things consist! But, Jesus was an anti-religionist. He went directly torepparttar 126928 source because THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD.

Regardless of what another faith believes (if our writings do not create offense), we can cross religious barriers to submit to them ~ until we all come into unity of faith. Likewise, we can share their non-offensive writings, because, however we serve, it is stillrepparttar 126929 same God. No one religion has allrepparttar 126930 answers. If we separate from everything not like us, we loserepparttar 126931 opportunity to learn from other faiths, also.

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