From Fat to Fit: Read One Woman's Amazing Weight Loss Story

Written by Gregg Gillies

An Interview with Success Story, Caitlin Johnson

If you don't know who Caitlin is, you will soon. She appears inrepparttar June, 2005 Issue of Ironman Magazine. But Caitlin isn't your everyday super fitness competitor/model. Let's face it, many women look at women in these magazines and wish they were blessed with their genetics. They think they don't have your problems, or your metabolism and they don't have to work nearly as hard to look as good as they do. They're just lucky.

Well, no more excuses. Cat worked extremely hard to get where she is. And I hadrepparttar 150487 pleasure of interviewing this amazing young woman. After you read this inspiring interview, you can go to my site and see some wonderful before and after pictures.

1. Cat, you've managed to lose 70 pounds of fat. This is phenomenal and I congratulate you once again. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Many people are unhappy with their weight, their job, etc. What was it that finally motivated you to get inrepparttar 150488 gym and start eating properly? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are like most people, you must've been unhappy with how you looked for some time before makingrepparttar 150489 committment to do something about it..

If this is accurate, what do you think kept you from taking action all that time?

A. 1) When your stuck in a lifestyle that is unhealthy but familiar it has to been something exstreme to motivate you to change your life. For me it wasrepparttar 150490 scale and me making 182lbs, which was 20 pounds away from 200 pounds. In my mind 200 lbs was too heavy and I decided I could never make that weight and be able to live with myself.

Second I had just taken a kickboxing class from a teacher that hadrepparttar 150491 ultimate physique and I could relate to her because she was short and a female.

Every day I trained with Denise Hart I worked hard because I was striving to look like her. What kept me from really putting my whole heart into training before is I didn't relate torepparttar 150492 other trainers because they were men and I couldn't relate to them. Even now as a competitive athlete my trainers relate to me because they've all been athletes.

2. How did you get started with your new liftestyle? In other words, what changes did you make, or planning did you do, to give yourselfrepparttar 150493 best chance at success?

A. 2) To get started Denise gave me a plan and I tried to follow itrepparttar 150494 best I could. Small meals, no sugar or fat, lot's of cardio and two full body circuits.

3. What problems did you have to overcome in order to stay on track with your new fitness program? You obviously must have been living a dramatically different lifestyle than you had lived previously. Some ofrepparttar 150495 popular excuses I've heard from people I've trained include "not enough time"(both for exercising and eating right), "eating healthy is too expensive", "don't see results fast enough", "weights will make me big and bulky", "have trouble sticking with an exercise routine". What wererepparttar 150496 obstacles you had to overcome?

A 3) For me if I have a plan to follow I'm fine. It's when I'm not restricted I lose control. Inrepparttar 150497 beginning I had to realize if I drank 3 beers a night I wasn't going to lose weight. I also have quite a sweet tooth so I had to cut my sugaryStarbucks drinks out.

Fast Weight Loss Programs Ė The importance of low body-fat levels!

Written by Greg Ryan- High Profile Fitness Expert

My name is Greg Ryan and I am a high profile fitness expert. In twenty years of being a personal trainer and health club consultant, I am frightened at how fastrepparttar health of Americans is deteriorating. You are being eaten alive fromrepparttar 150486 inside out by diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Andrepparttar 150487 scary thing is either you do not know it YET, or you are in denial ofrepparttar 150488 problem.

You have a choice to make and you better make it soon, before itís too late. Is this a scare tactic? You bet it is! I am very tired of patting people onrepparttar 150489 back who walk into my clinics and want something for nothing. Iím frustrated with listening to people make excuses for not exercising and eating right. Your weight gain and high body fat levels will comes down to three things; denial, pride and laziness.

My responsibility as a high profile fitness expert lies not in if you like me, or even if you buy my e books. My responsibility lies in giving you straight talk. You want quick fixes to your health problem that has taken years to develop. You think you get them by purchasing gimmicks that promise you fast results. You fall for it, and atrepparttar 150490 end ofrepparttar 150491 day you are more frustrated than every. Why? Because you are denyingrepparttar 150492 root of your problems.

Promises in fast weight loss programs is part ofrepparttar 150493 problem with Americans having high percentages of body fats. People, they do NOT work! Quit wasting your money on a false hope! The ONLY way of dropping good weight (fat) is to balance your lifestyle with, exercise and better eating.

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