From Ezine to Expert

Written by Francine Silverman

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From Ezine to Expert

By Francine Silverman

When my first guidebook, Catskills Alive, was published in 2000, I became interested in book promotion. I read everything I could get my hands on but found there was very little written on how to market books. Most ofrepparttar 124223 articles were on business marketing – products and services. So last March I decided to start a free on-line newsletter, suspecting that I’d found a niche. My hunch proved right. The ezine has grown from 10 subscribers to well over 1050 in nine months andrepparttar 124224 number continues to grow every day. Told that I could not expect advertisers until I reached 1000, I haven’t made much money so far. Even thoughrepparttar 124225 list has exceededrepparttar 124226 magic number,repparttar 124227 only advertisers have been subscribers and it’s been sporadic. But I am hoping that asrepparttar 124228 subscription list grows, so willrepparttar 124229 advertisers.

Profits aside,repparttar 124230 newsletter wasrepparttar 124231 best idea I have ever had. My subscribers look forward torepparttar 124232 bi-weekly ezine and my ego is constantly stroked with rave reviews. Moreover, subscribers view me as an expert on everything. One asked if I knew any publishers for his baseball book. Another thought that because I live in New York City I have an “in” inrepparttar 124233 publishing industry. Yet they do more for me than I do for them. Whenever I’ve written to them asking for help – in finding more subscribers or building my website – my mailbox has been flooded with offers of assistance.

A key to my newsletter’s success is that it’s interactive. I e-mail a Q&A to new subscribers and userepparttar 124234 best responses as fodder forrepparttar 124235 text. In this way, subscribers really writerepparttar 124236 newsletter and look forward to seeing their names and website addresses in print. I also answer every e-mail and userepparttar 124237 newsletter to accommodate subscribers who wish to promote their seminars or are seeking answers. I also honor those whose books have won awards.

If you have a business and want it to grow, a newsletter is repparttar 124238 answer. First and foremost, you must have a user-friendly website, which you can advertise in every issue. (Remember, it’s YOUR newsletter). As Tom Person wrote in “Starting a Newsletter,”, “nothing has come close to my website for drawing attention to my letter.”

How to publish a profitable newsletter without writing a word...

Written by Ron Pioneer

Hello Internet Entrepreneur,

Have you ever considered publishing your own newsletter with a list of subscribers who read it on a regular basis? Have you ever thought aboutrepparttar income that this newsletter could provide? If you haven't, I think it's about time you start...

Why? Because, if done properly, your newsletter can be a goldmine for you!

Without your own "content concentrated" newsletter with an avalanche of subscribers who trust you, you might as well kissrepparttar 124222 Internet riches goodbye.

Publishing your own newsletter still remainsrepparttar 124223 only 'real and effortless' way to earning a steady income onrepparttar 124224 Internet. The best part? You can set-up your own newsletter in just minutes…

Many people think that running their own newsletter is extremely difficult. They run away at evenrepparttar 124225 thought of it! They fear they lackrepparttar 124226 expertise they need to write.

Well, behold, your worrying days are OVER! Yes, you CAN have a newsletter, even if you don't know a thing aboutrepparttar 124227 topic. Heck, you can have your own newsletter if you don't know English! How?

You can let other people write for you. There are many services on Internet who offer to write your newsletters for you.

One of these services is You can find writers and services of ALL kinds here - if it deals with writing, you can find it here.

That's it, click of a mouse and you have a writer. Still think it's too hard to have your own profitable newsletter?

Here is another place where 'I' have had oodles of success finding people to write for me, internet marketing and writer forums.

You can easily find experts in all kinds of writing on these forums, andrepparttar 124228 best part is, they love helping! Even better, they take pride in their work, so you can make sure you always getrepparttar 124229 best ofrepparttar 124230 best. Many times, they won't even charge you a penny for it. Why? This is their way of getting their name out there - more assurance that they're work will be flawless.

So now, all you have to do is knowrepparttar 124231 topic and you can have others do ALLrepparttar 124232 writing FOR you - all for as little as $20.00.

You simply giverepparttar 124233 writerrepparttar 124234 topic, idea and style of writing you want - and WALAA, out comes your newsletter! When it's done, simply send it out to your subscribers - they'll never know that you didn't write it and you never have to creditrepparttar 124235 writer for it.

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